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Any recomandations for free software to make a website?

Asked by antimatter (4392points) January 31st, 2013

I need to help my brother’s kid to create a website for his school. Any recomandations for free software to make a website?

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Adobe muse

Why isn’t the school simply hiring qualified Web developers?

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You will probably want to go with Wordpress.

It’s probably the best you can get for free and it makes it easy to give access to anyone you want to manage the site and easy for them to edit the stuff.

But let’s make sure you understand there’s actually three pieces to a website, and they usually all cost money.

1) The domain: This is your address on the web, and you can pick anything you want, so long as it is available. You can get a domain for cheap, wouldn’t pay more than $10 for a year.

2)Hosting: This is a service where you ‘rent’ space on a web server. Your website resides on that web server, and the hosting company provides all the services associated with that. They are usually also responsible for maintaining those servers and ensuring steady uptime. Hosting can cost anywhere from $15 to $50 a year for your needs, depending on who you choose for your host.

3)The Website: Web designers and developers can build you a custom website, but that can cost an arm and a leg. Or if you cheap out, it could cost very little but you’d have a crappy website. So, your best bet is to use Wordpress, which is free, easy and has nice templates that are easy for computer-literate people to use.

Just remember that any time you make a “free” website, and don’t buy the domain or hosting, it won’t really be yours, it won’t be on your own domain. You’ll get to pick the name of the site and the URL, but your site will actually be on a sub-domain of the place you set it up.

So instead of “mywebsite.com” it’ll be “mywebsite.wordpress.com”

This means you don’t have 100% complete control, plus you’ll have to abide by the host’s terms. I can guarantee you that there won’t be any way to monetize such a site, and certainly no way to put ads up on the site.

If you plan on doing this undertaking by yourself, make sure to do good research, and understand everything that this project involves.

Also, when you sign up for Wordpress, they walk you through the optional process of buying the domain, etc. for reasonable prices. If you buy your own domain, you shouldn’t have a problem trying to monetize it later.

Bear in mind, this isn’t an overnight thing and it takes lots of thought and effort, but I wish you the BEST OF LUCK!!!

Feel free to send me any other questions you might have

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