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What should I give my boyfriend for his birthday?

Asked by Carinaponcho (1376points) January 31st, 2013 from iPhone

I know that this is a personal question, and because you don’t know him, it will be difficult. I just want some second opinions.
My boyfriend’s birthday is a few days after Valentine’s Day. We are sophomores in high school, and have been dating for over a year.
His favorite color is blue. He loves Doctor Who and How I Met Your Mother. He casually plays hockey, but is not very serious about it. His favorite food is rainbow cookies.
And he is also impossible to shop for! Somebody please help.

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Get something scientific/funny/personalized printed on a t-shirt!

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I always like getting a small box of chocolates.

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Bake him a cake , the old fashioned standby, or rainbow cookies and take him to a movie with you.

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How about shopping here. : )

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Birthday presents for a guy are always tough, especially when they are sophomores in high school. It is difficult for the girlfriend to know for sure what they really secretly want.

Speaking for myself when I was that age, a kind word was always welcome. So was a gift card from Target.

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Blue? Get him a tardis for his bedroom!

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@zenvelo He and his dad actually built one for my birthday. It is seven feet tall and many months late.

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