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How reliable would a free lance online job like this one (below) be?

Asked by Windmill (509points) January 31st, 2013

I know to blow off the “Make $4000 a month from home, while sitting on your lazy ass on the computer!” ads…but the possibility of making income via the internet IS possible. How valid is a website like this one? Writing is, and always has been, a passion of mine.

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You have to do due diligence… verify all information presented. I have done similar freelance work, some paid well, most didn’t. I wouldn’t make this my main source of livelihood…

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I think you’re better off trying to secure local writing work if possible…people you can meet with face to face, negotiate price with, get quick feedback from. I’m not saying websites like this are necessarily fake, but I’d rather do work for an agency or company I can deal with directly and not have to compete with who-knows-how-many others for the business. At any rate, that’s been my experience. Other freelancers here may have had different kinds of experience.

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I have friends who do local freelance writing work. They like it and it seems to work pretty well for them. But definitely, no matter what job it is, I would always say to go local. That way you know who you’re working with, and can communicate more easily.

Good luck! I’d love to do this kind of work, but I seem to have a chronic case of writer’s block. ;)

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Welcome to the tidepool Windmill.

Forgive me if I’ll remain skeptical of any new jelly whose first post includes a spam link.

Stick around a while and build up your lurve. It’s best to start out by answering questions

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@gambitking….It wasn’t a spam link. I posted the link so you could see what I was looking at. Thanks for the info .

How does one go about finding local free lance writing work?

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@windmill , no worries, this isn’t reddit so you wont be crucified just on suspicion.

I would recommend reputable sites rather than spammy freelancing search engines.

Examples: ,

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