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Are crockpot liners safe to use?

Asked by seekingwolf (10382points) February 1st, 2013

I love my crockpot but it’s such a pain to clean. My sink is teeny, tiny and it’s difficult to clean even when empty.

I would like to use a crockpot liner but I’m worried about their safety. Do they melt? Leak into the food? Smell?

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Absolutely safe, in my expeience. I wondered about leaking and melting, too, but I’ve had nary a problem. I used to avoid using my crockpot (a gift) because I hated cleaning it so much. Now I always keep a supply of liners on hand. (I sound like Good Housekeeping!)

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That is really awesome. Any brands you can recommend?

I have a medium sized crockpot that holds about 5 qt but I make much less because it’s just for my boyfriend and I.

I am seriously going to buy some liners after I get out this morning from my night shift.

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I use Reynolds brand. Suggest you buy the next larger larger size. You can hang the excess over the edge with no problem (the lid keeps the pot tight regardless) and it’s easier to pick up afterwards and not spill anything. Good luck, and save me a bowl of whatever you make. ;-)

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Extra “larger” there I noticed. ;-)

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“I should start this out with saying I’m usually the first person to tell people to stop obsessing about chemicals and to relax. (I’m a chemist…)

I won’t use these things. It is a really long time to be heating plastic. I just don’t like it.”

This jelly is not a chemist, but I always avoid heating plastic with food. If food comes in one of those heat-em-up trays, I remove it and heat the food in in the oven or on the stove. Regardless of how “safe” they say it is, plastic always leaches stuff out. Plastic liners also can leak, which defeats the reason for the liner in the first place.

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