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Any tips/advice on getting better at logical reasoning?

Asked by Daniel011 (77points) February 1st, 2013

Thanks foe the help.

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Write more. By that I mean “write a lot”, read what you write and look for the holes. Then rewrite to correct the flaws. Repeat as necessary.

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Read Encyclopedia Brown. Work the puzzles in Games magazine. Read Sherlock Holmes. Watch House.

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Try not to use your emotional feelings when making a point. It will sound like more of an opinion instead.

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Take math subjects. If you work at it, it will train your mind in logical thinking.

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Practice challenging everything you think you know. This requires observing your thoughts. So, every time you recognize you’ve arrived at a conclusion or accepted something to be fact, challenge it.

Is that so?
If this is true, then…
How do I know this?
Because what?

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Take an intro to philosophy course. You will become a master of deductive reasoning, spotting both logical fallacies, and invalid arguments.

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Familiarize yourself with some of the most common fallacies. Look for examples of them in arguments made by yourself and other people — even (especially) when you’re inclined to agree with those arguments.

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Take a logic and critical reasoning class~ or buy a book to one.

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