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Will purchased apps from iPhone be transferrable to a replacement phone?

Asked by zepoman (159points) June 10th, 2008 from iPhone

It would be lousy if I purchased 100$ of apps and lost my phone or later wanted to upgrade to a newer model. Has apple addressed this anywhere?

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There is an iTunes component to the App Store, so I’m sure that if you backup your iPhone there will be a possibility of saving/transferring the apps you’ve purchased to a new iPhone, but the bottom line is no one really knows because the new iPhone software isn’t out yet.

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I’d imagine what will happen will the similar to what happens to music bought from itunes at the minute. You know you buy a song and you can use it on 5 devices or computers. I see apple doing the same thing but only allowing one device obviously. Then if you need to replace your phone all you’d have to do is log into your itunes account and de-authorize the first phone and bob’s your uncle.

Like crazy monster with the eye problem above me said though, we are all just kinda guessing at this point.

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iTunes should have a place to backup your apps when 2.0 comes out. Otherwise, that would be a pretty bad move on Apple’s part, and there would be a lot of angry consumers.

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right now when you buy iPod games they are stored on the computer and can be placed on any iPod you have. I’m assuming that it would work the same except when you buy it on the phone it would sync with the computer next time u plugged in. So if u got a new phone the apps u have would go to the new one

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