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What do you think about the appointment of Chuck Hagel as Sec. Def. and what do you know about him?

Asked by zensky (13357points) February 1st, 2013

For example, he was a NonCom Infantryman and will be the first Secretary of Defense who isn’t an officer.

In this interesting and informative NYT blog – you can learn more about the man who may become the number one soldier in the world.

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I have the impression he shares the political opinions of most Israelis on settlement and engagement with Iran. Israel currently has a far right leadership that has been undermined in recent elections. That is what we hear over here, if you know something different please let me know.

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A smart visionary Republican. He supports Israel realizing that only long-term thinking can lead to enduring peace between Israel and its neighbors. Supporting right-wing Israeli politicians means supporting Hamas, because Hamas thrives on enduring conflict.

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Very happy with the choice. I see him as smart and qualified.

But in particular, the republican neo-cons don’t like him. That is probably the strongest reason TO APPROVE him. If the neocon warmongers (the ones who brought us Afghanistan and Iraq and are itching for a war with Iran) don’t like him, he must be a good guy.

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I’m very confident that Senator Hagel will make a good Secretary of Defense. As a infantry seargent in Vietnam, he learned the stench and horror of war up close and personal, something the braying horde of current GOP chicken hawks have never seen and don;t even care about. The Secretary of Defense job should always be in the hands of a thoughtful person who knows the cost of war, not just the glory that supposedly falls to those who start wars.

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He seems likable. Impressive Vietnam record. Successful businessman. And he is Obama’s pick so, so far, I have no concerns about his appointment. I hope he does as well, if not better than Robert Gates. One of the very few Republicans I really admire.

One observation though. Probably not accurate since I only listened to a few excerpts of his appointment hearing. He did not seem to be an eloquent speaker. A man, even of few words, should have been able to defend his positions and past statements with conviction. I really thought, hey, he should have taken notes from Hillary.

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Well, he did fight in Viet Nam, as @ETpro pointed out, so he is more than aware of the demands that warfare puts on people who have to fight the wars. He seems to be a much more moderate Republican than is usual. I think that he might make a very good Sec. of Defense.

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What a disgrace how the right-wing Republicans tried to humiliate him, instead of admitting, hey, Hagel was right about not going to war in Iraq and we were wrong. But I guess Tea Party Republicans are unable to admit mistakes.

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