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How should I handle the noise issues coming from the guys that live below us?

Asked by nicole29 (751points) February 1st, 2013

I live in a building with six, two-bedroom apartments. It’s near a college campus. We’ve lived in this building for two years, now, and have only had problems with the behaviors coming from one apartment.

Three guys live down there, and they are incredibly inconsiderate. They have parties all the time. I completely understand/expect people to have parties, but these are excessive. There is screaming, pounding, and the bass is turned up so loud that everything in our apartment shakes. It’s unbearable and goes on until 2am some nights.

We’ve left them many notes, talked to them in person once, and attempted to talk to them a few other times. We’re both small girls, and they are stereotypical jock-looking guys. There was one time when we even called the police for a noise complaint, but they never showed up. Approaching them at their apartment, in a group of their friends, while drinking is really not a safe situation and not something we care to do anymore.. especially since they know where we live.

Not only this – they prop the front door open, so all of their friends can come in and out freely. This isn’t a very good neighborhood, especially at night – and it’s not uncommon for people to be robbed or areas to be vandalized. (My visiting boyfriend had his entire windshield smashed in just last night while he was parked on the street out front) Everyone having free access to our building is definitely not something we like or feel comfortable with.

I spoke with the landlord a few weeks ago, in person, and addressed this issue. She said that she’d speak to them. Clearly that did not work.

We’ve emailed the landlord, but are doubtful that they will/can do anything. What can we do now? This is out of hand.

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