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Has any fluther member “got in trouble” for pretending to be a mod?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) February 2nd, 2013

Say for example he/she can’t stand a fellow flutherer so he/she pretends to be a mod and harasses and/or “follows” another member around to try and intimidate and/or annoy them into leaving fluther.

Do you know anyone who has done this and got into trouble? Have you tried it yourself? If so did you get into trouble?

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I haven’t heard of this, nor have I done it. But I recently met a new jelly in the Tide Pool chat, where no one ever goes. I asked him if he was there for help, but apparently he just wanted to make friends… He assumed that I was a mod because I refused to give him my facebook account! Apparently that’s the only reason someone might want to guard their privacy online!! O_o

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I’m not sure how someone would pretend to be a moderator since they’re clearly listed.

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As far as I can tell, nobody has ever gotten in trouble for pretending to be a mod. The official mods are listed here. Moderators also have a banner on their profiles.

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I was here for a long time before realizing that the mods are identifiable through their profile or the list given by @PhiNotPi. I could see how a new user might think it was possible to impersonate either a mod or a not-mod. :P

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Haha, that would be pathetic & sad, I don’t think anyone would stoop that low, although there are a few wack-jobs dotted around the place who may just consider it.

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@ucme Ha yeah. I’ve once been accosted, not by someone who pretended to be a mod, but they sure acted like they were one.

I don’t know that anyone here has ever tried to pass themselves off as mods and then followed around a user, harassing them. That would be quite lame, as you can tell who’s a mod by clicking on their profiles. However, harassment is not allowed here, so whether you pretend to be a mod or Rob Zombie, if you’re harassing a squishy, you will get in trouble. or at least, I like to think so XD
And if you’re not harassing anyone but claim to be a mod when you’re not, you’re going to get warned by actual mods, or staff. :/

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@Symbeline Accosted? That could be taken so many ways, not sexually surely ;¬}

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I remember one incident (long ago) when someone posted a comment precede by ”[Mod says]”, all in fun. The comment got removed, but that’s as far as the “trouble” went.

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@ucme Yeah, it wasn’t all hot and steamy. It just sucked lol.

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@Symbeline Give me a blow by blow account…sounds like a prostitutes bank balance.

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@thorninmud I remember that, but I didn’t realize the comment was removed. It was for fun. I’m surprised it wasn’t allowed.

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@thorninmud I remember that, too. While we usually know when a member is joking, we mod from the viewpoint of a new member. We couldn’t let it stand because newer people would think that person was a mod.

To answer the question, so far as I know, this is the only thing close to someone pretending to be a mod that’s ever happened. Harassment would definitely get you in trouble, mod or faux-mod.

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I’ve jokingly mentioned that @augustlan insists on pestering me for a position as a mod, & she took it in the good spirit that was intended, I mean…moi a mod, do me a favour :¬)

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I used the phrase [non-mod says] one time before I became a mod, although that makes it pretty obvious that I wasn’t a mod.

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[fake mod says] No.

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Anyone who wants to pretend to be a mod and trawl for spam – feel free. Really, @augustlan won’t punish you at all. Unless you like being whipped and then, if you find enough spam, I’m sure that can be arranged.

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{The King of Fluther} says silly question: Trix are for kids!

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yall some silly squishies

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You’re all redacted.

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