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Should we work on a friday, or extend the weekend further?

Asked by ucme (45372points) February 2nd, 2013

Would make TFIF an even more pleasurable experience…thoughts.
The link relates to a piece on this very subject, please take a look.

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We should abolish the seven-day week. Of all the things to have crossed all cultural and national lines… this is the thing?

We don’t all start the year on the same day, and we don’t all agree on what year it is. Even though we don’t all agree on what “the weekend” is, either, we all seem to agree that the week has seven days. I wonder why that is. I wonder even more why it “has to be”.

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Brilliant idea. Life is so short, we should work 3 and a half days, and rest for the same days. That seems fair to me.

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I think I like the idea of a ten-day week. We could still work five, and then take five off. The beauty of the system would be… we could alternate our five-on / five-off to coincide with others’ five-off / five-on. So you could go to the bank, for example, or the post office, on any day of the week.

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I’m fine with the five-day work week. Most people enjoy their jobs…I think.

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I’d love to take Fridays off, but there is so much to do in my new position that I would end up being at work later on the other days to make up for it (and I’m already there pretty late as it is).

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Why take Friday off? It seems logical to take Monday off, because of all those bank holidays that are Mondays. If it were Friday we lopped off the work week, what would do all those three-day weeks do to us? Kids here have a four-day school week, and it’s Mondays they take off. It seems to go all right.

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Of course not, if we can afford it and if our employer or our customers can live with it. But we should keep in mind that a lot of people earn minimum wages only, so some even have to work on Saturdays too.

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I am definitely down with having Fridays as part of the weekend. I am not work shy by any means and I hope I will always be able to pay my way but I do feel that we spend too much time working and not enough time living. Whether a three day weekend is realistic for a business point of view, I couldn’t say.

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