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What are some unusual phobias you have?

Asked by lookingglassx3 (2134points) February 2nd, 2013

I read recently that Kylie Minogue is afraid of coathangers. I thought that was such a bizarre fear, but then I realised that I have some really strange fears of my own!

I cannot stand listening to heartbeats. When I hug somebody and I can feel their heartbeat, it overwhelms me. I absolutely can’t stand it. I think I’m just scared that their heartbeat will stop.

Another fear I have is answering the telephone (funny and sad backstory behind that fear). My family thinks I’m being lazy, but I genuinely do not like answering the phone.

And perhaps my strangest fear of all – Wookies, from Star Wars. I cannot look at them, and I genuinely have no idea why (maybe I had a bad experience when I was young whilst watching Star Wars?). I literally get very panicky and my heartbeat increases if ever I see one. My friends think it’s hilarious and show me photos of wookies when I’m caught offguard, but they are my biggest fear.

So, what are YOU scared of? The stranger, the better! :D

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