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We've kissed a couple of times but now he's distant?

Asked by rbecca1994 (10points) February 2nd, 2013

I met this guy in November 2012 through a club that we are both part of. We spoke occasionally at the club and had a few laughs together. I thought he was a nice guy, attractive as well, but never really thought anything more of it. Then on a night out a couple of weeks after meeting him, we ended up kissing. We were both a little tipsy and things got a little hands on, I told him I wouldn’t go home with him and he replied with things like ‘It’s okay, I can wait for you’, ‘I want you’ and ‘you’re so hot’. And so we both went our separate ways at the end of the night.
The next day, we spoke over facebook for a bit and then he ended up getting my number (have no idea how) and we carried on the conversation over text. He didn’t reply for hours sometimes even days on end, so I thought he wasn’t interested. We spoke a little over Christmas, just general chat stemming from me wishing him a happy birthday. Then he stopped texting me.
Then a couple of days ago, we met again on a night out and the same thing happened only things got a little bit more heated. He took my number again (he got a new phone and lost his contacts) and said that he’d text me the next day. Admittedly, I do like him quite a bit but I’m left wondering whether I was just a drunken ‘conquest’ or whether he actually is interested. I’m yet to get a text off of him. It’s making me feel pretty crap and I don’t know if I should contact him first or forget about him. This is only a brief summary of the story, I kept it short because I could rabbit on for ages. Any help would be appreciated :) Thank you!

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Welcome to Fluther.
I have always found that if someone were interested in me, they call or text immediately.
The “I got a new phone and lost my contacts” sounds like a line to me. I think he may be using you as the opportunity arises. When he sees you out, he makes out with you, but doesn’t really invest much time in you otherwise. Maybe you should forget about this guy and move on. And I wouldn’t make out with him the next time you see him, unless that is all you want too. I don’t think it is though. I think you like him and it makes you feel bad when you do this and he doesn’t call you the next day. Go with your gut feeling. He isn’t really interested in you like you are him.

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Yeah, I think he’s probably moved on.
Wouldn’t be an issue for Mick Jagger, kissing from a distance I mean.

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Either he’s been reading too many lame dating books on how to get girls by leaving them hanging or he’s just not that into you. Believe me, there are better guys out there.

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I agree that you should look elsewhere. He didn’t act like anything but an opportunist. Get to know the guy as a person before getting involved physically.

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My ex knew a girl and they carried on like you guys. Not saying it was the same exactly but he’d tell me they had this very strong attraction and each time he’d run into her they’d end up having sex. I got the impression he never once called her; he’d just approach her at parties. This went on for months. His mother later told me that she cautioned him he’d not be able to trust her with “the mailman.” Again, not saying you’re like her at all . I’m just saying what I was told. Then we met and got married. So I will guess that you may not be his “dream girl” but you would be for someone else I’m certain. Who knows what these guys are looking for? Often they don’t even know themselves what they want.

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He takes opportunity when it knocks.

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Sounds like he wants to get into your pants.

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