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Which animal trait, behavioural or mechanical, would you like to adopt?

Asked by ucme (46021points) February 2nd, 2013

For the purposes of this question let’s just agree that the animals in question are of the non human variety, okay…good.
Myself i’d like to rotate my head through 360 like an owl, that would be cool. Also the ability to lick my…ahem, never mind, do carry on.

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I’d like to be so beautiful and charming that I could sleep 20 hours a day and someone else would pay for the privilege of having me around. (Like a cat.)

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I’d like to be able to fly.

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To have retractable claws in my hands like a cat.
And a barbed gentleman’s sausage.

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Peeing in public.

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I’d like to be able to sing like a mocking bird, only using my own voice.

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Float like a butterfly .. sting like a bee. Oh, darn I do that already!

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Flying and aerial assualts.

Flexibilty and balance grace and nocturnal sight like a cat.

Ability to run like a leopard or gazelle.

Too explore the ocean like a seahorse.

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I initially thought of flying but really, the ability to get humans to meet my every need would work very well. My cat has this one down pat.

Here he is during a busy day at home

Here he is letting me know it’s time to ignore the newspaper and attend to him.

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Flying’s first. Flying is always going to be first.
Breathing underwater… but I wouldn’t want gills. So maybe just ability to hold breath for hours at a time?
Echolocation! I want to know what that’s like. And I want to be able to walk around without the lights on. I can see pretty well in the dark already, but still.
Wider visible spectrum of light… Infra red, ultra violet, etc.
Ability to sense the earth’s magnetic directions. I’m usually pretty good about orientation, but if, for example, someone else drives me somewhere, I’m lost.
Better sense of smell, enough to distinguish all the different components.
Changing skin color would be pretty cool, too, as long as I could control it.

Behavioral, I want to be less self conscious. I don’t mean in an insecure way, I mean being overly conscious of myself rather than just existing. I have a practiced censor, always deciding whether I should react, whether I should speak, whether I should do something, etc. There’s an ease and an honesty and a liberty to just being.

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I wouldn’t mind having a big, waggy tail, just like my Sadie-dog.

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I’d like to be able to go for a refreshing morning swim in 20 degree weather like my geese.
Sooo, I guess that means I need to grow a downy breast.

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Whatever a sea otter does, I want to do.

And I have to say that in a mechanical way, I wouldn’t mind having the raw power of a car crusher.

Now, if you combine the sea otter and the car crusher….

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@AshLeigh I second that.

I’d also like to have the digestive system of a vulture, so I could eat roadkill and garbage and then I could save a bunch of money on food.

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I remember this cartoon that was always on during the six week summer break from school when I was a kid, I think it was called The Arabian Knights. One of the guys would clap his hands & turn himself into an animal of his choosing, yelling “size of an elephant” or whichever beast he chose, fucking epic cartoon that, loved it.
Anyway, cheers folks good stuff :¬)

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I would like to fly, but I would have to have my vision fixed as part of that package, or I wouldn’t survive long.

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Flying first, I’d like to be one of the raptors. Also,
blending in with my environment.

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