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Is weed still in your system after two weeks?

Asked by mmcj1 (12points) February 2nd, 2013

I normally don’t smoke, but 2 weeks ago I did. I weigh 190 lbs and I don’t have fast metabolism. I have a urine test in two days, will I be fine?

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About 13 days per this article.
It depends on how much you smoked and how much THC was in the pot.
I’m curious though. Did you know you were getting a drug test when you smoked? I ask because it seems odd you normally don’t smoke, yet you smoke right before a drug test.

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THC is stored in the fat cells and it takes a while for it to metabolize out. if they to a hair follicle test, you are screwed. If they do a blood test you are probably screwed. If they do a urine test I’d give you a 50% chance of passage. Shouldn’t oughta got stoned so close to a test.

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It depends on how much you smoked, how much fatty foods you ate at the time you were high and shortly after, how big you are, what kinds of things you drink – but 14 days for a person of your size and with an average metabolism should (probably) be ok. If you want to be extra safe, I recommend a system flush. Get fruit pectin (Sure-Gel) and juice (Arizona Green Tea). They are easily obtained at your grocery store. Mix them, drink it an hour and a half to two hours before the test, and make sure to pee once before the test so the reading will be for urine molecules that are coated with the pectin and not for the stuff that was sitting in your bladder before you drank the mixture. I know several people who have used this method to beat government piss tests, having smoked the day before and every day leading up to the test.

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My own experience with home thc testing kits ($18 at Walgreens) is that I was negative after 3 or 4 days, at the standard threshold of 50 ng/dL.

Inducing diuresis (large urine flow) by drinking fluids before the test will improve your odds of passing the test by diluting the urine, but you can’t “flush” thc from the body’s fat storage in this manner – despite numerous testimonials to the contrary.

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It can be detected up to 30 days, but you will probably be OK.

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At the time I did smoke, I was celebrating with a few friends I haven’t talked to in a while and at the time I didn’t know that I would be test (seeing that the job I’m going for (that I had applied 2months ago) told me this about two days ago).

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I’ve always been told it is in your system for three months but you can speed up the process by using urine flush medicines which is over the counter at chemists.

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@gasman You’re right, thanks for correcting me. It’s not a system flush, but a way to “coat” the stuff that can’t be flushed. And thanks for bringing up the home testing kits; I forgot to mention those.

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Body fat matters, but giving your weight alone is not saying much since weighing 190 at 6’3 is much different than weighing 190 at 5’7. I passed several urine tests with about one week notice, and this was after smoking decent weed very heavily every day prior to that.

Urine tests can be tricky depending on the individual. I would just simply purchase a home testing kit from Wal-Mart or another drugstore. If your results come up negative on the testing strip then you should be alright. Every job that I have had drug tested me so I’m familiar with the routine after 20 years.

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It is different for everyone, based on conditions that others have cited.

However, I believe that IF you really do not smoke, and your only toke session happened two weeks ago, then you should be totally fine.

Masking agents do not work. Detox drinks do not work. Dilution (by drinking tons of water over a few days time) sometimes work but can hurt your kidneys if you’re not careful.

Your options are to move to WA or CO where it is now legal, or don’t smoke with a test coming up.

Remember also, that urine tests have two steps. The first step is a basic test much like the home drug tests you might take. If that’s negative, it won’t go through much scrutiny. If it’s positive or not a clear negative, (or sometimes purely at random), your sample will go through a gas chromatograph, and they will measure the exact amount of cannabanoids in your sample.

And at that point, they look to see if the amount falls in between a range from, say, 5 nanograms to 45 nanograms, or whatever. (And five is pretty damn low). So let’s say you’re only at 2 or 3. That’s not enough to get into that range, so it’ll be a negative result.

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I seem to recall watching a series some years back now, which went into the life of regular army soldiers being tested for drugs randomly, and I distinctly recall it saying that cannabis could be found within the system for up to a month.

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