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Can you answer some D&D 4th edition questions for me?

Asked by phaedryx (6126points) February 2nd, 2013

I’m familiar with the idea of role playing games, but I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve been invited to participate in a group that runs 4th edition. I payed the $10 to use the character generator and I’m making a new character right now.

Some questions:
1. Can you use a minor action while using a move action? There is a minor action that allows a character to mark an enemy within 2 squares. Can I mark the enemy as I move past or do I have to stop within 2 squares to use the action?

2. Can a character be concealed by standing behind other characters?

3. A spell damages an enemy if it moves away from a character. Is that only if the enemy moves away by choice, or is that also triggered by someone else’s action moves the enemy?

4. Do you have any class/race suggestions for me? Apparently most of the group is “strikers”.

5. Do you have some references/websites that you’d recommend I look at?

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1) Generally, Move and any other action are mutually exclusive unless specifically stated otherwise.

2) No. The best you can hope for is for a non-magical ranged attack to hit the wrong target.

3) Doesn’t matter.

4) I find that most people prefer brawlers, with “nukers” (offensive magicians) a close second. Healing is often ignored, as are non-combat skills except those dealing with burglary or assassination. As for what is best, that is really personal preference. I tend to favor a more rogue-like character, but that is because I am me.
Then again, most of the games I play are class-less (Shadowrun and GURPS especially) rendering it a moot point.

5) What is it that you need help with? The ability to pretend you are someone else? The more mechanical aspects of RPGs? There are many things that are universal, such as needing a background story that fleshes out your character and explains how/why they are what they are. Is that the sort of stuff you need hep with?

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I’ll follow this q, but I can’t help you with 4.0. I play 3.5 and d20 modern (which is built like 3.5).

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