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I need help please?

Asked by Banjo (13points) February 2nd, 2013

My girlfriend and i were distance daters and i loved life with her, i visited her for the first time for two weeks and it was easy to get over with, we cried in the first night and continued on distance dating… but when i visited her for three months i felt like im missing a part of my body.. i feel like crying and just dying (sometimes death) i try convincing my self i have something to live for but my feelings take over it.. at one stage i felt like my soul was going to fly out of my body and i was going to go CRAZY but then she helped me.. now i just feel like.. everytime its sleeping time i always think about missing her and i cant stop! and everytime time is going past quickly i feel so upset it just makes me so upset and sick because i miss her so much.. the next time i see her is in 8–9 months.

I’m 16 years old and she’s 18.. i know “shes a pedo” no shes not! . .. i need help please i beg you professionals and people out there.. How long am i going to be like this?

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no im serious, im not trying to be annoying. i signed up new and im terribly sorry if you’re annoyed but i need help

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She’s not a pedo, so don’t worry about that.

I had a boyfriend who I met at summer camp, and we technically dated for about two years. I only saw him for two weeks out of each summer and once when I flew to see him for christmas. Other than that, I usually had to wait 12 months to see him every year, and the only thing we did was call/text/or play WoW together online. The distance was really hard emotionally for us, and he took it even worse than I did, but what we ended up doing was agreeing to be productive with every minute we had whenever we started missing each other like crazy.

Things I did when I started missing him:
– baked him cookies to mail to him the next day
– wrote him an actual letter
– took pictures around my home town to show him where I lived and all the places I had memories of
– recorded myself singing an amazing cover of a Coldplay song, then put it as a track at the end of a mix tape that I sent him

Things he did for me:
– made me a homemade valentines day card
– wrote a short story about us and our future kids
– worked on his stand-up comedy by making a series of private youtube videos for me
– learned how to play piano (which is what I play), so he could surprise me the next time we were at camp

When we did this, we were both able to deal with our frustration of not seeing each other in a mature and positive way. Yeah, sometimes we had meltdowns, like what it sounds like you’re dealing with – but when you get older you’ll look back and realize that you always get better at dealing with this kind of stuff.

Just don’t kill yourself.. really. Even if you don’t really mean it, please don’t. There are so many great things you’ll experience in life that outweigh the kind of sadness you’re working through right now.

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when ever i think about, if i end my life here its gonna be silly and nothing.. if i continue this hard pain its gonna be for the better in our future life and i just feel so happy thinking about what we’re going to do in two years when im a legal adult :) thank you for your help

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what should i think about and talk to her about when we sleep tho?

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