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Anyone willing to fess up to having a tattoo you now regret?

Asked by Aster (18220points) February 3rd, 2013

I’m too old and not the “type” to get a tattoo but if I were younger who knows what I’d do? I might get a tiny one; but nothing that would show like on my arms or legs. To me they look like dirt on a person or a swarm of insects; probably because of my vision . They just don’t look “clean” to me. I think I’d want to wash them off. I’ve seen brides with them on their arms on Facebook wishing they’d just go away. Anyone have any and wish they didn’t and why?

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I am also not that type, whatever that means. But had one on my lower back. My son and I were in a bonding session. He loves tattoos. I never remember its there. It’s OK though I do like it. I know they call them skank stamps. A few of my friends have had their nipples pierced and their clitoris also. I wouldn’t do that. (It is weird though since when I had this one I do want more, how odd).

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Me! I have a heart on my left hand that I wish I didn’t have. I had it done when I was 18 and it was meant as a group friendship thing. There are at least 5 or 6 of us who have it. I haven’t seen any of these “friends” for over 20 years. Now I’m stuck with an ugly homemade tattoo on my hand.

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@jonsblond what do you mean , “home made?”

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@Aster It wasn’t done professionally. It was done by a friend with just a needle and ink. They look like prison tattoos with one ugly color.

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My sister in law regrets one she did with her hubby. They were matching tattoos on their upper arms that had their names in two hearts with the word “Until” above the 2 hearts and “Death” underneath. She broke up with the guy so one heart does not apply. And when she wears a short sleeve shirt, all you see are the tips of the red hearts and the word “Death”.
It’s ridiculous. She does not have the money to have it removed.

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My husband is well-inked, but none of them are visible when he wears a t-shirt. He does regret his first: a necklace that kind of looks like a cross between barbed wire and shark teeth. He doesn’t regret that tat itself, just that it’s a little off-center. He had it done at a tattoo party, so IMO he’s just lucky that it’s presentable and that the black is still as deep as when he got it 20 years ago.

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Just on on my ankle, but I only dislike it because of the meaning, not the tat itself.

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@Aster should get a tattoo on her lower back that says “I survived 12/21/12”.

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^^^^^^^ You’re right about that ! I can’t figure out how some people remember things I’ve asked, things I’ve posted but I can’t recall anything anyone else has said !

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