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Where can I find a list of superhero/supervillan's birthday's on the same article?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) February 3rd, 2013

For instance the internet says that superman’s birthday is Feburary 29, but no year (or info on Clark Kents birthday) ... Where can I find a complete list? Also do you have a list of real life hero’s from around the world?

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You will not find a definitive answer as comic book continuity and their passage of time within the story is fluid and ever-changing.

You will never see a birth year for a comic book character (and it’s uncommon to find a month and day) because it locks down too many elements about their personality which the publisher would like to remain malleable to serve future generations of readers.

Now you can find the exact date a character’s first appearance was published, but that’s only relative to the real world and is irrelevant to the current narrative.

For example: Spiderman’s first appearance was in Amazing Fantasy #15 cover dated August 1962. It has been established many times over the years that Peter Parker was fifteen when he became Spiderman. So, if we’re being literal, he was born sometime in 1947 – which would make him about 65 today. You can see the problem.

So while Marvel has certainly let him grow up a little (finished high school, college, grad school, married/not married), they’ve basically decided to keep him perpetually around twenty-five.

As for an exact month, this also poses a smaller issue. So Spidey is a Gemini or born near Valentine’s Day or during the Winter? It’s no big deal, but it does nail down a detail they probably prefer stay ambiguous (in most cases).

Now Captain America is an exception to that rule. He can have a solid birthday in the late 20s or 30s because its established that he was in World War II, “died” in action, but was really frozen in the ice until discovered in modern times. How does it work for Cap? Simple – every decade or so, they just adjust roughly how long he was in the ice.

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Well as @cookieman said you’re not going to get years but most of DCs do have birth dates. (granted this may only be for one of their time lines as comics love to just rewrite and call it a new timeline) I did find this from a 70’s DC calendar

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