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Does a guy get turned on if you rub his lower back a little and then leave your hand there?

Asked by christina30 (68points) February 3rd, 2013

We are both attracted to each other by the way.
It is not a stranger.
It was in public as well not in private and he had clothes on :) .
I did that after he put his hand around my waist :)

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One cacn’t speak for every guy but I imagine that would be a turn-on for many.

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If a woman touches a man in any way, and he finds her attractive, it’s a turn on.

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You could touch his big toe and there is a good chance he will get turned on. Most men (including me) are easy in that regard.

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I have this strange need to touch my husband’s skin, even if it isn’t sexual. When we lay down together, I put my hand up his shirt to lay it on his stomach. When we stand in line together, I put my hand up his shirt to touch is lower back. He’s immune to it now and barely notices, but he liked it when I first started to do it. As a general rule, men like to be touched by women they’re attracted to. Doesn’t really matter where.

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Yes, and even more than likely if they are under 20 years old.

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Well sure, so do cats, dogs and horses. lol

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I love touching and being touched. Yeah, it’s a huge turn on.

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It works. Nobody could deny it.

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Any type of touch will do, if the guy finds the gal attractive.

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