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Can you help me define this?

Asked by the_overthinker (1503points) February 3rd, 2013

My friend and I was having a rather interesting conversation about one of his ex girlfriend’s past relationships. This topic arose during a ‘study session’ that we had, and for a brief moment, it turned out to be one of those conversations where the both of us would pause and be stuck, while trying to find a word or phrase to define the relationship that his ex girlfriend had, when we were referring to it.

It is somewhat peculiar and I thought maybe I’d ask the collective.

So let’s say, Brett, lives in USA and travels to Hong Kong to visit his relatives. Whilst hanging out with his cousins, a new girl is introduced. This is Brett’s cousin’s friend; her name is Amber. Amber currently has a boyfriend. Brett and Amber get to see each other a few times throughout the month hanging out in a large group. Amber flirts with Brett and shows interest; Brett knows of Amber’s boyfriend, yet, he encourages Amber’s behaviour by showing interest and responding to her flirtations, and ultimately falling for her.

Everyone now knows of Brett’s crush on Amber. Near the end of Brett’s visit, Amber lets Brett know that she is now single. Brett takes that opportunity and asks for Amber’s email and contact information.

When Brett returns to USA, he emails Amber and they commence an exclusive relationship. They get to know each other online and communicate via internet for a little more than half a year.

So, what do you make of this? Would you say that they had a long distance relationship? Would you say that they ‘dated’ for a little more than half a year, even though they never went on a date… Or would you call this a virtual relationship? Or an online relationship.. even though they have met before and had plans of meeting again (even though that never happened)?

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It was long distance rather than virtual because they had met and interacted in person first.

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I would call it an online romance with someone that he has met, but never had any physical contact with. Which is a little bit different than having an online romance with someone that you’ve never met in person.

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It’s not your typical online relationship, because in that, you’re taking it entirely on faith that the person is who they present themselves to be. You could think you’re dealing with a beautiful woman when the truth is it’s some ugly old guy who just loves playing the prankster. So I’d say it’s rather a distance relationship with someone “Brett” knows, but one that’s never been taken to an intimate level.

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Long distance relationship, type unspecified.
Lodire typeuns.

It’s in Gray’s Manual of Relationships.

One of the fifty shades.

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I would definitely classify this as a long distance relationship. They’ve met, they know each other, have feelings for one another and have agreed to be exclusive.

The good thing about it is if they stay exclusive and get to meet up and decide to have sex it could go a little something like this!


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@Self Consuming Cannibal..

.. Only one word for your vision Dude.. Ah, WooooW!! (I know, that’s two but who’s counting?).

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It really only matters what they call it.

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