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How long would it take to get my AP license and pilot license?

Asked by Daniel011 (77points) February 3rd, 2013

Anybody know because I still wanted to go to college to get my degree in something else.

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The only thing I can hgive you info on is the pilot’s license. The first thing is, do you want to fly as a hobby or as a career? I fly strictly as a hobby, truth be known that I am not in good enough health to pass the medical requirements for commercial ratings (1st Class) I do posess a 3rd class medical, which is all I need to be permitted to fly as a hobby. The FAA says that you need a minimum of 55 hours of flight time. This includes both dual and solo. You also need ground school as well. There are three exams you need to pass, I have so far taken one of them and passed. This includes the FAA “written” (most often given on a computer) and the check ride. Those are the two main ones, the exam I took was the one prior to the written. However, I have accumulated 50 hours of dual, and am getting ready to do my first solo. Unfortunately for me, I have had to put my flight training on hold due to bot the lack of time, and more so, money.

Most people get fully licensed with their private pilot rating anywhere between 100–200 hours of flight time. By the time all is said and done, I will probably have close to 100–125 hours by the time I am licensed. I would also like to earn my IFR and multi-engine ratings once i have gotten my private. Right now, my airman rating is, of course, student. I don’t know what an AP license is so I coundnt tell you about that. What is an AP license? Good luck with everything.

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For driving license of AP, you have to apply for learner license online test slots at RTA offices. If you clear that, you can apply for actual driving licnese by booking slot after 1 or 3 months(i am not sure) at any test tracks. Every time you fail a test for either learner or actual driving licnese, you cannt apply for certain period(which increases with no of attempts)

first you need to apply for learner’s license. For that I had to give a online test held at any of RTA offices. But problem here is that they expect bribe. So you may fail the test even though you think your answers were correct.( that’s what happened with me).

Same happens during actual driving test for 4 wheeler. If you don’t prefer bribe, the officials will fail you. But 3rd time you give test, they will have to pass you.

Booking slots for learner & actual driving lincense can be done online at

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