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Can I upload Blu ray to YouTube?

Asked by Jackerry (1points) February 4th, 2013

I bought some Blu-ray disks, can I share them on YouTube?TIA, Jack.

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No, I think that would constitute as copyright infringment.
If were are speaking of store bought movies that is.

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Nope, if you do your account will be put in bad standing/suspended and they will be deleted, not to mention the amount of time it would take to upload those massive movies.

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Please, never say TIA again, my girlfriend also does that… I dont think it is possible to put a DVD-format on youtube, even if this is possible, first check the copyrights on it… You are allowed to upload anything you want on the internet, but if you make money by it, that will not be allowed and you can end up being seriously broke… I wouldn’t advice you to upload it, blu-ray often is expensive so I guesse the copyright that it has also is tougher than other types… Hope you know what I mean.

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