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Is running the best exercise to lose weight?

Asked by 2late2be (2292points) June 10th, 2008 from iPhone

besides a healthy diet, what else is the best method to lose weight? I try to eat healthy, I do 7–10 mile biking 3–4 days a week, but I think that running would be best, I just dont like to go out and run, my birthday is coming next week, I’m thinking on get a treadmill, will this help me lose more weight?

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It’s not what the exercise is, it’s the combination of cutting caloric intake while increasing caloric burn. The best exercises are the ones that you like to do so you will stick with them. By the way, walking burns as many calories as running and is easier on the joints.

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Speaking not as an expert, resistance training is more effective than straight aerobic training, and a combination of the two is best. Increasing your muscle mass will increase your resting metabolism, which means you’re burning more calories at rest. What’s rising in popularity is a newer version of circuit training. Basically, you do a short aerobic warm up to get your heart rate going, switch to resistance exercises with few and short breaks and then finish with more aerobic exercise. The effect is getting resistance training as well as a sustained elevated heart rate at the same time, usually 30–45 minutes a session.

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Im not trying to sell it but I have got to say GET Wii Fit it works so well its amazing.

Wii fit is cheaper it provides information on how to improve your every bit of your helth, it tells you things that you can’t even get with a traner in a GYM.

Much better then any other helth product you can buy.

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I prefer fluther-cizing. Apparently, you can burn ~100 calories per hour while typing. So, spend 10 hours a day on fluther and burn 1000 calories!

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@Kevbo Well as resistance training goes; Martial Arts work really well to loose fat as well as building muscle mass.

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Just get wii fit and if you don’t have one a wii…. Pleeezz don’t think it is some game IT WORKS ITS SOLD OUT IN EVERY PART OF THE WORLD. That’s how good it is.

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@ Melonking, we get it, you prefer Wii Fit. I’m sure 2Late2be will consider it. And if it’s sold out everywhere in the world, how are we supposed to get it? ;)

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Oh that will make more, and I put in too parts so its not too long.

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running is good although its one of the worst as far as how damaging it can be on your body (ie joints). Other activities such as swimming or biking are much better.

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I’ve been using an eliptical and I love it. I would recomend one over a treadmill. There is no shock to the legs/knees but you still get the same desired effect that you get when running.

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In terms of enjoyment….no, but sex is!

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kevbo: applause! I actually saw some intense circuit training and when money permits I am building my gym like this:

10 minutes Treadmill
25 (mens) push ups
60 crunches
10 minutes on Eliptical
25 dips
60 crunches
10 minutes on bike
end with a warm down

This is a quick 30 minutes of cross training. I am able to build stamina as well as strength. Helps when jumping fences! (Don’t ask!)

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What is resistance training?

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It sounds as if you are active…have you ever heard of a work out series by the name of P90X….this is a WONDERFUL workout…it has about 10 videos and works you out to get you in your best best shape possible! Trust me! It is a pretty penny, but if you are going to be willing to buy a tredmill, I would suggest P90X…it works by using a method of muscle confussion. If this isnt for you and you are worried about bothering the downstairs neighbor, try an Eliptical Machine or the Tred Climber!

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Yeah, a friend ordered the Disks but I have not used them myself… sad to say he either isn’t using them or they don’t work.

(I already have the treadmill and a bike… I just need the elliptical… :))

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well, hubby ordered the CDs yesterday, I’m pretty sure he’ll use them, not to sure about me LOL, I finally decided to go for the elliptical, less noise and no pain in my knees ;)

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¬°Fabuloso! ¬°Buena suerte!

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Good to hear, most likely your friend is not using them. LOL…because it is really a good workout. It would be impossible to not see results. 2late2be…I am sure your husband will enjoy the dvds…use them…we have the elliptical for me too, but, I ended up really liking the workout dvds, and its sort of a competition between my bf and I… ; )

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Whatever you decide to do…keep it interesting. Create a realistic weekly routine that you’ll stick to, but try out a different classes or workouts to stay interested. Variety helps keep fitness fun. If you’re looking to burn fat, just eat healthy and watch your portions. Small frequent meals throughout the day is better than 3 bigger ones. Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re not. Drink LOTS of water to flush out your body and keep your muscles happy. And can I say – CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO? That’s the ticket. But be sure you’re doing strength training as well. You’ll want to stay toned along the way…or you’ll lose weight and just be thin and mushy. Not good. ;)

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Alot of running combined with a little bit of lifting weights and then throwing on the hardest part which is eating right and you’ll be in great shape and look great.

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10 – 20 treadmills
drinking at least 8 cups of water everyday and lastly
dancing which is my favorite, it does not require from you expect dancing to your favorite music for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Hope this helps?

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