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Can you "demand" respect?

Asked by rojo (22067points) February 4th, 2013

I heard something on the radio on the way to work where they stated that such-and-such a person “demanded” respect.

I have always thought that respect was something to be earned. You can demand all you want but if I think you do not deserve it you are not getting it from me. But, I differentiate between treating someone with respect and respecting someone for who or what they are.

What are your thoughts on this aspect of respect?

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You can command respect, speaking of usage.

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Nope. Got to be earned, at least in my experience.

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You can demand, but that’s kind of like being a petulant child having a tantrum. No one gives in to such demands, except perhaps at the point of a sword. And if you demand respect using weapons, is that really the respect you want? It’s gone as soon as your weapons are gone.

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You have to give it to get it.

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I demand respect!

There. I just did it. Proving it can be done.


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@burntbonez Damn! Outflanked!

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@wundayatta If you demand it using weapons is it ever respect you get or just fear?

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@rojo Exactly my point.

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I demand respect in any of my ongoing relationships here or elsewhere, otherwise discourse is nullified.

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You can demand that respect be given (as others have now demonstrated), but you can’t demand the respect itself. I think this is likely a usage issue as Gailcalled stated—one can certainly command respect.

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I suppose. But where does it say you will get it?

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I think the only scenario where this is valid is in the case of a foe/enemy, dangerous to underestimate & so forth.

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In the military you can and get away with it. The disrespect just goes underground.

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@rojo, I agree with you. You can insist that someone treat you with respect and/or your position in society or the workplace may command respect, but whether someone respects you or not is their decision.

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The most insecure people tend to demand the most respect, er….respeck.

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I think that everyone’s entitled to respect. But, respect can be easily lost through one’s words or actions.

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I don’t think that demanding respect will get you anywhere.

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@marinelife I’m not so certain that demanding anything will get one anywhere. Maybe for the short-term, but not over a lifetime of peremptorial and self-absorbed behavior.

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I expect respect, and I will accept nothing else.

Works for me every time.

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In the Military demanding respect, especially a Lieutenant or even the odd Captain, almost guarantees fragging. It can be a fatal mistake particularly butter bars fresh out of OTS. Bullet wounds may come from the rear.

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