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Which superbowl ad(s) did you appreciate?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) February 4th, 2013

You can refresh your memory of the ads here. They go quarter by quarter and include a little editorial comment, too.

What did you think overall, compared to your memory of previous years of ads?

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I missed anything that ran in the first half, but for the second half, hearing Paul Harvey’s voice on the Dodge Ram commercial brought tears to my eyes. I loved the poetry and the story.

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Few of them. In this old adman’s opinion (many will disagee with me, it’s probably a generational thing), the quality of Super Bowl commercials* has dramatically decreased in direct porportion to the insane increase in their air cost.

* In true advertising parlance, they’re not ads, they’re commercials. Ads are printed

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I thought the new Budweiser concoction ad was kind of sexy. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with women who looked like that. Not that I ever will, and not that there is anything that could get me to drink Budwieser beer short of torture.

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I loved the Dodge commercial with Paul Harvey’s voice. I also really liked the Budweiser commercial with the Clydesdale, and the Audi commercial where the “nerd” goes to prom, kisses the prom queen, and drives home smiling, with a black eye courtesy of the prom queen’s quarterback date.

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The first GoDaddy commercial where the geek kisses the super model was disturbing. It went on for far too long and the sound was mesmerizing. It was like rubber necking at a car crash. I couldn’t look away.

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I thought the baby one was interesting, but not very effective. The Clydsdale one was great, as usual, and I loved the Audi commercial.

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I can’t remember.

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The Budweiser Brotherhood commercial was my absolute favorite.

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I loved seeing Fluther creator Andrew on the Blackberry ad.
I liked the Paul Harvey ad.
I wasn’t crazy about the Prom ad (it’s okay that he kissed the prom queen, because she liked it).
But really, I wasn’t in a good place to enjoy the ads after the chorus from Sandy Hook Elementary sang America the Beautiful. That had me in tears.

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I liked the Leon Sandcastle commercial and the Joe Montana stain Tide commercial. I hated the Paul Harvey ad that so many liked since it just reeked of blind nationalism and religious jingoism to me.

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