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Can you help me with where to stay near New Orleans?

Asked by JLeslie (54569points) February 4th, 2013

This question is probably for people who know the area well, because I am going to be at the new NOLA racetrack, which is near the TPC off of Nicolle BLVD. I would like to stay close to the track, but it would be great if there is nothing right next door to be in the direction of the touristy areas of New Orleans like the French Quarter. I prefer to stay in Marriott properties like a Courtyard or Residence Inn if possible, but doesn’t have to be. What I don’t know is if the areas on the south side of the Mississippi River going towards the French Quarter from the track are safe? I don’t want to feel uncomfortable going from my car to the hotel at night.

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Odd coincidence but they just showed Bourdains visit there and it’s being rerun at 3 a..m. on Travel Channel if you’re interested.

I don’t know how helpful it may or may not be but I figured it couldn’t hurt:)

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NO has a pretty good bus system so I would say, depending on your capabilities, you could stay just about anywhere you wanted and get to where you need to be. Last year we stayed at a place called Bed and Breakfast called the Sully Mansion (2631 Prytania Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 (Garden District) ). The folks there were wonderful and the place was a delight. I would recommend it (and, duh, I guess I actually am).

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I stayed here at Le Meridien and fell in LOVE with the place. They used Hermes soaps in each room and I found them so delicious I must have taken 3 baths a day (I know I missed several conference sessions due to my fascination with the darn soap). The rest of the hotel lives up to the billing as well!

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The company my husband works for has a few apartments around the place, two that I know of in the Garden District/West thereof. We stayed two weeks in an apartment down Tchoupitoulas Street and it was great because me and the little one would just walk straight down into the city, or take the car and drive to WalMart straight in the other direction. There are plenty of hotels on that side of town, but parking is a bitch in New Orleans. Find a hotel close to where you want to visit and walk from your hotel and taxis are safe and cheap. I felt very safe, but I only went out at night once and went shopping alone once in the middle of the day.

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Again, mostly I will be visiting the motorsports track outside of New Orleans. I would like to stay close to that if it is safe. Usually the race tracks have suggesstions on their website, but this one doesn’t. It is over the bridges (over the Mississipi) away from New Orleans. I appreciate the suggesstions if I wind up in New Orleans though. Very possible I might.

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There really is nothing over there on that side. You are going to have to drive over there anyway. Why not stay near the city so you can enjoy the restaurants and pubs in walking distance of your accommodation, but drive to the race track when you go there. You simply will not find any hotels on the south side of the river unless a Best Western or a Comfort Inn are your style.,New+Orleans,+LA&ei=wiARUd25EoSwhAfJ6YDYBg&ved=0CLcBELYD

There is little within walking distance and you will need to drive everywhere if you stay on that side of town.

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@cazzie I didn’t find anything obvious on google maps either, which is why I asked the question just to be sure. We will wind up staying in the city most likely if our only choices are Comfort Inn and Best Western, unless they happen to be brand new and in safe locations. The guys need to be at the track very early, so usually they stay close to the track, unless the options around are terrible, then we stay near to good restaurants. They are exhausted after a day in the heat racing, working on cars, changing tires, etc, so generally they are not partaking in what cities have to offer. They eat after the day and collapse. At least my husband does. A few of them seem to have more stamina.

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There is accomodation at the golf course park, as far as I can see, but unless you book early, you might be out of luck. The great thing with New Orleans is everything is close. Take advantage of the short trip to the other side of the river and stay there. At least, I would, if I were you. I know some local ‘friendlies’ that work in my hubbies company. If you are completely lost, I could make some inquires and see if someone there is interested in motor sports and perhaps make a connection?

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Don’t go to any trouble, but if they are interested they can come out to the track when Porsche club is there to see the races. It’s free, they get right into the paddock and can see all the car set ups, etc. I can give you more nfo if you think they would enjoy it.

We are not 100% sure we will make that race, but I usually like to book ahead and then cancelthe reservation if we can’t make it. IfI am going to wind up in NOLA proper it isn’t as much of a big deal since there are many hotel choices. Usually right near tracks there are a bunch of crappy hotels and maybe one decent one. We just went to Sebring FL and the first night I was in a horrible hotel. Have to book there at least 6 months in advance or I take a big risk. I got lucky I was able to change hotels the rest of the trip. We go to Daytona in October and already all the hotels I want to stay in next to the track are booked, can’t get in. Had to go to the beach, which you would think most people would prefer, but no. The Beach is probably around 6 miles away, I don’t remember exactly.

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If you have dates, that might help.

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