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What are the top three items on your personal "bucket list?"?

Asked by Kayak8 (16433points) February 4th, 2013

Before you kick the proverbial bucket, what are the top three things you want to do, see, taste, etc.? Further, how many of your “bucket list” items have a checkmark?

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Visit Iceland and the Faroe Islands
Snowboard down a black diamond slope in Crested Butte
Open a bar or pub that features my own brew.

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Chainsaw skating on flowing lava.
Suitless walk on the moon.
Sun diving.

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Write a book, run a new department, give a TED talk.

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Take my kids to Australia, own a sailboat, own a dive bar.

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My answer, Imediately below, has one item MSFW.

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I really want to take a trip (legally) on DMT. I want to meet the elves in the machine.

I want to write a noel about cults and the personality types that organize then bestrode them.

NSFW: I want to give a pretty black woman as many oral orgasms as she can stand then rim her and worship her ass. I love the skin contrast and smell is a big part of sex to me. I love the way black ladies smell. I want to go there once more before the end comes.

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Astral project so I could multi task.

Experience time travel to some moments in history.

Have a flying vehicle like the Jetson’s promised.

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Go paragliding,
travel to South Korea,
own and use a great computer.

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Dive into a pool of chocolate. In fact. That’s how I want to die.

Make love with the ten sexiest women alive—at the same time…. for weeks.

Make love in the top five hundred most beautiful places on earth with many of the women mentioned above.

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Do the whole Yosemite thing: stay at the Ahwahnee Hotel, tent camp, and stay in a tent/cabin at Housekeeping Camp, skate on the outdoor ice rink, and take thousands of photographs, both in the summertime and in the snow.

Take a sleeper train trip across either the US or Canada, through the mountains and forests.

Take a motorhome driving trip across the US, stopping at great vegetarian restaurants and every National Park that happens to be on my route. In This Kind of rig.

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Experience an intense hurricane
Witness a HUGE tornado
and publish short stories I suppose..

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In no particular order…
Hear Chopin’s Piano Concerto #1 performed live, preferably by Lang Lang, at Tanglewood.
Narcissist that I am…paint a great self portrait
Have a multiple orgasm

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@Earthgirl I can help you with that.

Oh. No. Not that.

I meant I could help you get tix to Tanglewood.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist. And in reality, I can’t even help you with Tanglewood, but I bet you can get your own tickets. But seriously, I thought Lang Lang was a panda? Or is that Ling Ling?

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@burntbonez oh you are so kind! lol
Lang Lang is indeed a pianist and not a Panda. I like him because he is very emotive. I’ve been wanting to see him for a while but the timing just doesn’t work out for Tanglewood so even though I could get tickets I decided to see Beethovan’s 9th instead. Not a bad consolation prize, eh?

I have answered the bucket list question on Fluther before so this time I just listed the first 3 things that popped into my head.

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