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What do you call the moving vehicle inside of a subway?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) February 4th, 2013

Is it a tram? Train? Trolley? Sub?

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It’s a train. I believe it’s called a subway train to be exact.

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And an individual unit of it is a subway car.

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I would call it a train.

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Def. a train. A trolley runs off an overhead cable supplying its power.

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@Buttonstc So the subway train in my city is actually a trolley? It has an overhead cable that supplies the power, and half it’s route in underground and the other half above ground.

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In Boston we call it “The T” (train)

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I always refer to it as just subway, as in riding the subway. Check the examples on Merriam-Webster This creates ambiguity between the system and the train, but you can distinguish the two by how it is used in the sentence.

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Train or car.

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Cab, but I agree with Jeruba’s car.

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In London those are known as sardine cans.

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I have heard them referred to as cars, but in San Francisco (BART), I mostly hear them called trains. A bunch of trains connected together makes a train. If the doors aren’t working on one, someone will say “the doors are broken on that train.” If the train is late, we say “the train is late.” I’m sure there is other terminology, but that’s what I hear the most.

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A moving vehicle inside of a Subway would be called a sandwichmobile. :-p

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The jazz classic “Take the A train” by Billy Strayhorn (1939) was named after a subway in New York.

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