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What is your favorite accessory?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) February 5th, 2013

I mean specifically clothing accessory but anything will do. Something you might feel naked without. Or something that makes you feel confident etc. Personally and in general, as in on other people?
How did it start?

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I have a puka shell lei similar to this one

Mine is larger and the shells are authentic.

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A smile. :)

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My beautiful husband is my most favourite accessory. Other than him, I have a pendant I tend to wear all the time.

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My glasses.

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My watch.

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I feel naked without my jewelry. Jewelry has so much personality when well chosen and unusual. I don’t have much expensive jewelry. I don’t use it as a show of wealth. I use it to complete my look. I like to have many different colors of beads and stones.I like pieces that are unusual.

Boots are my next favorite. And yes, they make me feel powerful!

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I had a lucky earring, but I lost it.

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Jewelry. I can’t pinpoint a specific piece (except maybe my wedding ring), but I tend to lean toward a pair of beautiful earrings or an interesting necklace to “finish” my outfit. I don’t typically buy or own expensive jewelry, I just like pieces that are colorful or unique, and I don’t like to wear much at once. In fact, reading @Earthgirl‘s answer, I’d say I feel quite the same way.

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I personally love either wearing a flannel shirt if it’s cold outside or if not having one tied around my waist. I guess you could say this started in the 1990’s grunge movement.

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I love my earrings, I’ve got so many pairs. And my Casio watch that I received this Christmas. Also nail lacquer… I can’t go 2 days at most without any nail polish

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I feel naked if I leave the house without my wedding ring.

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My keyring. It enables me to open my car doors, my glovebox, my garage door, my mailbox, my house, and every once in a while I use it to open obstinate envelopes.

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glasses, gauges, my bitchin’ blue bag (it’s almost international Klein blue)

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I like dangley earrings, fun scarves that I tie around my waist and my signature pigtails that I do up with beaded bracelets for holders. I have a basket in my bathroom with about 300 matching pairs of beaded bracelets that I use for my hair adornment and about as many earrings. 4–5 pairs deep on each slot of my giant earring tree, actually it a huge metal sunflower.:-)

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I like shoes and purses, but I only feel naked without my finger rings.

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My cock ring.

And no, you can’t see it.

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My pink feather boa, I like to call him Roger.

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My watch.
If I forget to wear it, I find myself constantly glancing at my bare wrist and feeling disappointed when I realize it’s not there. :(

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The pinkie ring my mom gave me for my birthday. I wear it every day now.

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I wear a watch every day. It’s set 10 minutes fast so that I am not late.

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Haha I loved these answers and I want to respond to everyone of them but don’t have the time right now. Thanks for the laughs… In a good way folks.. and the visuals.

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This is a tuffy. I love accessories. I love bags and shoes, but my faves that I can’t do without is my collection of watches and my scarves. I never leave home without a watch and a scarf.

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