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Who do you think is/was one of the most under-rated bands/artists of all-time?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) February 5th, 2013


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Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.

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Well known, but not well respected, I think props are due to The Kinks.

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@Tropical_Willie Love me some Zappa “Don’t fool yourself girl…” lol

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Eve 6.
Automatic Loveletter.
A Fine Frenzy.

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Within Temptation. They are often compared to Nightwish and Evanescence (both amazing bands) but Within Temptation, for me, is just in another league entirely. Their music is incredible and they are a magnificent band in their own right. It’s frustrating that if I play a Within Temptation song to my friends they’ll automatically assume it’s Evanescence.

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Wesley Willis

r.i.p. brother. r.i.p.

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