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Olive Oyl: A ditzy naïve woman who just wants to find love and doesn’t realize all the trouble she’s causing? Or is she a trouble making skank, who gets off on watching men fight each other for her affection?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) February 5th, 2013


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Can’t she be both?

Neither Popeye nor Bluto are real catches. I wonder about her insecurity and self-image if those are the only two guys she can feel comfortable with. She can do better.

I suppose in the end, her choice will be based on whether or not she likes the taste of spinach.

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Even when I was a young kid watching those cartoons I noticed that she was kind of two faced and often lead both guys on. If she didn’t want to date Brutus she should have made it clear up front instead of allowing herself to be drawn into those situations.
I would never give someone like her a second look. Both Popeye and Brutus deserved someone better. Betty Boop was as nice as she was hot. She was worth fighting over.

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Hmm. One stereotype? Or the other?

I vote for skank. Take it to the bank!

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What makes you say she is ditzy? She is just going along doing the best she can.

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I think she’s a cartoon.

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It’d be like humping a bag of spanners, ugly bitch.
Mind you, Popeye & Bluto aren’t exactly lookers either.

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I dread to think if @ucme has ever actually tried humping a bag of spanners. Lol.

She’s too busy being a twig surely?

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It hurt my nuts…ouch!
My kids had hamsters when they were little called Sam & Max…true dat, fucking boring, but true.

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@marinelife Because she can’t do a damn thing herself. Plus either she can’t decide whether she wants to wrap her skinny little legs around Popeye (and his over sized-forearms) or Bluto or she just loves watching men fight for her (which even if I was a cartoon I don’t care how desperate and/or drunk I was, I would never, ever fight for Olive Oyl. Now Jessica Rabbit is a completely different story!).

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I noticed that @ucme called the big guy “Bluto” – obviously an error. But I looked it up and found something interesting. He was named Bluto in the old cartoons from 1933–1956 in 234 episodes. In 1960 and 1961 (when I would have been watching live) he was called Brutus in 220 episodes.

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@LuckyGuy – he was Bluto when I was growing up…

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So @Self_Consuming_Cannibal you wouldn’t mind sloppy seconds with someone who had just been boned by a rabbit?

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@SamandMax When it comes to Jessica Rabbits, I don’t mind sloppy seconds, dirty thirds, filthy fourths, infested fifths, STD infested sixths, slimy sevenths, AIDS infested eighths, nasty ninths or testicle rotting tenths. I wouldn’t care if she had a train run on her by the Pittsburgh Steelers, or did every one of the hippos on “Hungry, Hungry Hippos.” If/when Jessica Rabbit is ready for my love the feeling’s mutual!

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@LuckyGuy Nice contradiction, of yourself that is, obviously not an error, more like a point of fact. Brutus makes the guy sound more like a dog, Bluto all the way for me.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal I’m with you all the way and would gladly arm wrestle you for Jessica. Frankly I don’t think she and Roger ever did it. Remember, She’s not bad. She’s just drawn that way. And she liked Roger because he made her laugh.
What a waste! I’d try to give her something else to smile about.

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@LuckyGuy I would give her something to smile about as well. Preferably I could get her to smile like a doughnut. lol

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