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Shouldn't killing Americans with drones be subject to review or scrutiny outside of the executive cabinet?

Asked by josie (27298points) February 5th, 2013|maing10|dl1|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D266012

It seems what this is saying is that a president, or “administration officials” (a euphemism for the President’s appointed cronies) can order the killing of Americans and nobody has to know about it, nor should they.

But at the very least, there should be judicial review, and congressional review would be even better.

Or not?

FYI, my question is not directed at any particular President. The current one is more power hungry than most, but he won’t be there forever. And I have already done my small part to rid the world of al Qaida operators, so it is not as if I am squeamish about killing bad guys. It is the principle I am talking about.

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Nothing new really and we’re certainly not the only country. Sure there should be a judicial review of some kind but they’d probably be bought off anyway.

I’m not an Obama fan either, but in his defense, he’s just playing the same game as everyone else.

US Assasination Policy—-

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I’m pro-Obama, I voted twice for him. I also hate the idea that the chief executive can sign a death warrant without a trial or even an attempt at justice. True, we are fighting an enemy that specializes in beheading and murder of civilians. It is also true that the civilians can’t get together (because of tribal reasons) to oust or punish those murderers.

I hate the idea that some guy in Nevada can operate a drone, scan an area 7000 miles away, and drop a bomb on a person or group deemed guilty for some nebulous cause. Then he packs up his kit and makes it home in time for supper.

If we used the drone to spot a criminal then sent in police to capture him, that would be OK in my opinion. The idea of blowing up the suspect and anyone around him is a horrible idea. I guarantee that if some government did that in my country, I would battle them to the death.

Why should we exacerbate the middle eastern problems by sending anonymous flying murder machines into places that may not hate us yet but will certainly hate us after we unleash death from the sky?

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