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What are you craving right now?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) February 5th, 2013

I am craving Turkey slices and I have some!!

I am also craving coffee with cream.

What are you craving? And will you give in to it?

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Apple pie and ice cream. I have the ice cream and the apples, but no pie.

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I just finished a triple latte, so nothing right now. In about an hour I will crave my lunch salad.

And I am still craving my old girlfriend.

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It’s more of a “who”.

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Bread/ carbs, I’m being good though.

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@janbb get on witcha’ bad self. ;)


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A laugh.
And fresh air.

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Im craving for the emptiness to be filled..i cant pinpoint what is empty, im not hungry, I need answers to something bigger. I just dont know what the questions are.

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Butter crackers with cheese and ham.
I’m like eating them right now and they’re awesome.

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The salad I didn’t get to eat at work yesterday and warm chocolate chip cookies – I’m about to enjoy both within the next half hour :)

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a good smoky porter.

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I’m craving some Mythbusters. Probably won’t give in for a while.

Also craving the presence of a special someone. I have no way of giving in to that one for about 2 weeks, though. Transportation is such a frustration. :/

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Some snatch and a beer. :)

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Soba noodle salad with peanut butter dressing, which I intend to make as soon as I get off Fluther : ) This Recipe with a few tweaks.

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Aerosol Cheese!

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Oh the usual. Someone to live with me and share my life.

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Mountain Dew.

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Sleep and pillows. And dinosaur shaped crackers.

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Craving loads of things!

Maybe this aint craving, but, I would LOVE to have one of those SPA massages right now. Im a muscle wreck!

Also, SUN, BEACH, and hmmm – a delicious piece of vanilla sponge cake.

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Today, I am craving solitude.

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