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To Wii or not to Wii?

Asked by Perchik (4987points) July 3rd, 2007

that is the question.
I'm considering trying to buy a wii off ebay, mostly just for zelda. Is the wii worth it?

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its fun at the beginning and is awesome game to play with friends
but after like a day , i got annoyed over the motion controller. But honestly i wouldnt buy the Wii just for zelda. if you like other wii games, then definitely get it. But spending 250 bucks on zelda alone is a waste

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Well I'd sell the wii back once I'm done with zelda. I'm a huge zelda fan and to this date, I've beaten every other zelda game.

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So... the zelda game came out on gamecube too. Yay

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The Wii is an awesome game system. Even people who typically do not like playing video games loves it (parents, grandparents, friends). The system comes with Wii Sports which is super fun.

If you are a huge Zelda fan, you can also get the old Zelda games on the Wii through the Virtual Console so you can basically have a bunch of Zelda games all in one machine. Also, the Wii plays gamecube games as well.

A friend of mine told me that the gamecube version of Zelda and the Wii version Zelda are mirror images of each other. Link is typically left handed but for the Wii version, they made him right handed in order to prevent confusion while playing the game. I guess they had to flip everything else accordingly to compensate for the right handedness.

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My fiancee and I got turned on to the wii while at her brother's house. We played sports and thought it was great. boxing is a real workout! We just got one two days ago. When we bought the extra controller, it came with WiiPlay, which has 9 mini-games on it for $10 more. Well worth it. We love the matching game! As an xbox360 owner, I can say that the Wii is extremely compact and well put-together. It has a solid feel to it. It does not have the great amount of titles that the PSx and the xbox have. However, you can purchase credits and then download some old games if your wii is hooked up to you internet connection (it has built in wi-fi!). For the money, it seriously rocks. A PS3 or an Xbox360 will have much better eye-candy than the wii, but the wii does one thing IMHO better than those two... it provides the best "fun" gaming experience.

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The wii is a solid system. I never had a problem with tech support, and I never had a problem with hardware errors. I was really surprised at how well everything just seemed to work, however if you are a hardcore gamer, then I found that there just wasn’t enough out there on the Nintendo market to keep my taste satisfied. I eventually sold my wii and bought an Xbox 360, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. I craved multi-media capabilities, and more enveloping game titles. But of course, if you are looking for the truly revolutionary and fun, but casual gameplay, the wii is worth the smaller price tag.

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First off, the Wii is fantastic. Zelda is great, Metroid Prime is epic, and Super Mario Galaxy is in a league of its own. I think the Wii is the one system out of the big 3 where the developers really need to take a moment and seriously put some major consideration into how their games are designed, and until that happens, the only good games that come out for it are going to be the first-party ones. Plus the lack of graphical prowess leaves you wanting.

Get it though if you have the opportunity, even if you don’t like the selection of games it has right now (or just like a single one) the future is bright, plus the Virtual Console is hot and we see about 3 new games a week on average!

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I think that the reason why people have either a love or hate relationship with the Wii is the fact that Nintendo is taking such a drastically different path than Microsoft and Sony at this point. If you’re a fan of games like Halo, Bioshock, Call of Duty, or just shooter games in general, it’s quite possible that you’re going to find the Wii very unappealing because Nintendo focuses to center its game base around party games and puzzle solvers more than platformers and FPS’s. I hear alot of people say that Wii games are alot less mature than its competitors, that they look childish. Maybe they aren’t as graphic or dramatic, but that’s just not what Nintendo is trying to do.

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I love wii, the bad part is when you start playing the muscles in your arms ache the next day for a while, haha

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I have always hated going to the gym (expensive, never as convenient as I would like, never quite as sanitary as I would like, etc.) and had limited my exercise almost entirely to jogging and yoga as a result. But when I first tried out Wii Fit at my parents-in-law’s house last Christmas, I got hooked! We bought Wii Fit in January, and I’ve been using it almost every day since then. I am in way better shape than I have ever been before, and I was in pretty good shape before I started. I would say the Wii is worth buying just for Wii Fit alone, and then if you also get any incremental enjoyment out of the other games, that’s an added bonus.

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