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Does anyone wear socks to bed?

Asked by technicolorgirl (13points) June 10th, 2008

i dont wear socks to bed it make my feet feel trapped.

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Sometimes in the winter I and my daughter both wear socks to bed….we can’t get our feeties warmed up, and if the tootsies are cold, we can’t sleep…

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If its really cold and my feet just can’t get warm; But then i wake up later in the night and take them off.

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even when i wear socks to bed they like some how come on and like fly across the room by the morning.

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I always wear socks to bed. My feet are like ice at night.

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i don’t wear socks to bed, but should i fall asleep with socks on, they are almost always off by morning. how this happens is a question worth debating

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I just can not stand socks on my feet in bed. My feet feel trapped. I knowcthis is weird, but my left foot has to have no covers on it at all. I have done this since I was a child. My husband calls me the Princess and the Pea, because my sleeping conditions have to be just so.

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When I was in Humboldt County I wore my socks to bed. At night up there it was way too cold for me. But here at home in Davis (near Sacramento), I sleep in underwear and a t-shirt and I don’t need socks at all.

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No never wear socks to bed. It just never feels comfortable. “Feet feeling trapped” is a great way of putting it. Lucky to catch me in much of anything at night to be honest.
I hope there’s never a fire at night

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osullivanbr: Haha, maybe you do deserve to be the president of our little nudie club. But I’ll still challenge you for it. It’s a very precious title.

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Told you so. I nearly cried when my leader answered with “underwear and t-shirt”. I just don’t know what to believe in anymore.

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osullivanbr: I feel like I’ve flipped your world upside-down. You can have the presidency on one condition – can I be your right hand woman? VP, perhaps?

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I can not go to sleep if I don’t have socks on my feet. It is one of my weird quirks.

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That is quirky. But having said that going by your lurve, it appears you’re the Antichrist so we’d expect some quirks. :-)

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I dont wear socks to bed because its uncomfortable and as strange as it sounds my feet are actually colder than if i just had the blanket wrapped around them. Sometimes ill pass out with socks on my feet, yet somehow everytime i wake up in the morning im sockless. I heard its bad to sleep with socks on but i cant remember why, something about them not being able to breathe or something.

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The only reason I wear socks to bed is because my feet are all lubed up with creams, ointments, oils and the like. My feet (and hands) suffer from excema. They crack and it hurts. But like most of you who start with them on, somehow by morning they have managed to escape my feet!
@mzgator: LOL…my husband bought me the story of The Princess and the Pea, as I am the same way about my comfort in order to sleep.

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if i sleep with my socks on my ankles are always really itchy for a while after i wake up.

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Allie: Hurrah. Life is good again. You have yourself a deal. Long live me.

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99% of the time I use them, I dont like to touch the floor without socks..

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nope. I think at one time I used to, until someone informed me you lose heat with them off. so I took them off bc I like sleeping cold and then bundling up.

side note, I had a friend when I was little who would wear 2 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of boxers every day… all year long, including summer. No idea why. twas weird however he no longer practices this. I’ve inquired.

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Only if it’s below 30. Otherwise, nakie.

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Only when I’m cold… but usually never! I feel too confined!

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is there really any other way to sleep? LOL I feel completly naked with no socks on…..I’m just strange like that I guess.right on adina!!!

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I don’t care how cold my feet are, I never wear socks to bed. I have to be 100% comfortable before I can sleep.

My husbend, on the otherhand, always does during the winter. He’s 6’5 so his circulation to his feet aren’t that good. He’s got huge feet too so his socks never fit – I don’t know how he does it.

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no. and if i do, i take them of in sleep

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I don’t. Maybe once on a blue. It has to be freezing.

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