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With Valentine's Day approaching, do you have a romantic answer to this?

Asked by Aster (18187points) February 5th, 2013

What are the two most endearing, fabulous in your eyes, qualities of your particular S/O?
His are: 1) no matter how tired or sick he is I can depend on him to be nice, positive, brave and cheerful. I wish I were like this.
2) He has always been very generous and kind to my children regardless of their past or present rejection or rudeness towards him.
How about yours? What about him or her makes you so glad they’re part of your life?

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He can always make me laugh. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

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She is the most beautiful and intelligent woman I have ever met anywhere
She puts up with me, me being her class and intellectual inferior, without impatience or condescension.

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She is me, before I became a pessimistic cynic.

She has a very optimistic view of people and life, and does not let things get her down. When the relationship was young, I mistakenly thought this meant she was probably a little stupid, or probably a little immature from leading a sheltered life. I was wrong, as she is very intelligent, and has had plenty of problems in life. While I had allowed my observations and problems in life to turn me in to a cynical pessimist, she had chosen to remain positive about life, and probably enjoys herself more than me as a result.

Also, she is trusting and honest, and has a very pure personality. Again, I once mistook this to mean she is gullible or childish at first, but it is just another part of her positive attitude about life.

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He is my biggest fan. That sounds silly, but he has been one of the major supporters in my career and really helps me find my way when I’m struggling with something. He constantly tells me how great I am at the things I doubt myself on.

He is one of the best men I know. He is caring, loving, smart, funny, and so much more. He’s all-around a great guy and I’m lucky to be with him.

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1.) He puts up with me. No easy feat.

2.) He’s a big goofball, just like me, and I love acting a fool with him.

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He makes me feel safe in a way I’ve never experienced before. He’s solid as a rock, and that makes me feel more secure, too.

He is not afraid to show emotion, and can cry sometimes just thinking about how much we love each other.

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