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I need to utilize a "Social Networking" bolt on solution...

Asked by Bretbocook (105points) February 5th, 2013

I am the CEO and Founder of a company that will be catering to a large social audience, that could quite easily surpass over several million users in a few years….these users are already built into the industry that I am going after…The question is what software product, company, or web developer should I use to implement this social networking component. The website is built, but I have not incorporated a social networking solution, ideas please and contact information would be greatly appreciated.

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You would go to an SEO marketing group.

this San Diego based group does a fine job. They are called SEO HAUS. They are going forward and passing up SEO into the next generation of search engine optimization called something else (face palm! I don’t know the name but look up Ritchie’s blog in the sections within the site)

Or simply, just hire me and I can run your FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube Account etc and have you firing on all cylinders in a subtle and consistent manner!

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How much cash do you have available, and how patient are you? I’m looking at a report from June 2011 which shows that MySpace sold for around $35 million. By June of this year it should be worth about half that…

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We use Django, here.

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