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How can I be a mail order husband (details inside)?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) February 5th, 2013

I am 6’ 6” and I find it impossible to meet someone who I can fall in love with at the same time as they fall in love with me, and I wonder if it Is it possible for the mail order bride industry to help men as well as women? Is it legal in Canada for me to try to find a match this way? I am looking and not finding people who can keep up with my lifestyle… I have friends who are women but I don’t have a job do to a bizarre psychic ability that prevents me from living a normal life.

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Why don’t you just try online dating?
If you were a mail order husband, the chances are you would get picked my some horror who bathes in KFC gravy.

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@Crumpet OMG. LMAO. Bathing in KFC gravy? That’s awesome. @talljasperman Yes, try to find someone on line you can get to know before you get shipped off to be someone’s prize.

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You are psychic? What does that entail that makes it impossible to have a job?

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@chyna My thoughts exactly. This question is bizarre.

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Also should get a name that doesn’t sound feminine. That would help. Although you’re probably not Tallja Sperman in real life.

But no. I don’t think they have mail order husbands. There’s no market for men. Men are easy. A dime a dozen. A woman can have her pick. It’s men who need to order brides. It’s men who are willing to pay for brides. Most of them don’t know what they are getting and have expectations that do not match with the expectations of the bride, so it doesn’t work out.

I’m afraid you’re going to have to find her yourself, but nice try.

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I don’t understand why you think someone would buy you and you would fall in love with them if you can’t fall in love with the women you meet in rl??? And if you are just automatically going to fall in love with someone, then why don’t you buy yourself a bride. The chances are just as good, I would think, that you would fall in love with her if you bought her as vice versa. Maybe even more so because you would have a vested interest.

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At 6’ 6” you’re going to struggle to fit through the letterbox.

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You can’t buy love and even if someone likes the look of you and pays to be your wife, there’s no guarantee that you will be compatible enough to live together happily. Have you tried dating sites?

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6’6”, Canadian and psychic. With the large psychic community, I’d think you’d be in high demand, people seem fascinated by the subject.

I think mail order as it was done in the old days is an interesting concept, I’ve read quite a bit about it. As long as you’re both very clear on the boundaries and each other’s requirements, it seems a logical step, maybe not the love most people would define, but if it’s acceptable to both parties, I don’t see why not.

All you really have to do is place an ad in newspapers, magazines or other publications in the areas around you (unless you want to relocate.) Update us, this is interesting!

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