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How hard is it to switch to a vegan or Mediterranean diet?

Asked by srmorgan (6735points) February 5th, 2013

How hard was it to switch? What did you do to make is easier? What did you do about breakfasts and in-the-office lunches? What about family help or hindrance?

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My daughter switched to a vegan diet the first of the year. She has not embraced the vegan life, just the diet, and she said it has helped her quit smoking, since she is no longer thinking about smoking, but what the fuck she can eat.

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Breakfast is really easy for me. Most of the time I have some steel-cut oatmeal with cinnamon, chopped walnuts, a t. of maple syrup, and a T of ground flax, chia and sesame seeds.

I make five days worth of oatmeal at a clip and then microwave a portion.

In the season of fresh, local unsprayed berries, I have cold cereal (ancient grains from the food coop) with berries and the same cinnamon, chopped walnuts and ground seeds with some almond or rice milk.

Office lunches could be salads with nuts or cold beans or lentils, soups, hummus with pita or raw veggies or a veggie wrap. Or a plain old sandwich with multi-grain breads, sliced whatevers and garnishes.

My family is, finally, on board. On holidays we’ll serve local ice cream and fruit pies for those who want them. We all cheat a few times a year, but never with animal protein. Too many sweet farm animals who live in our ‘hood and gossip with us.

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Vegan or Mediterranean?

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Both, but without the sausage, goat meat and cheeses (occasional mini-cheating with cheese.).

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Beans, grains and nuts need to be fundamental in your daily diet. Of curse vegetables and fruits too but sometimes people forget about the nuts. Tufo is great and it is not hard to cook after you do it a few times (the first time can be weird).

BTW, a diet with cheese is not considered vegan.

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Get cookbooks research recipes or websites that cater to your diet of choice.

Leftovers are your friend as is staples but variety inspersed to keep you enthusiastic.

Also meeting people with similar diets or your chosen one either online or in person.
In person works better because you can cook for each other and connect over food when food bonding moments are know typically uncomfortable or not enjoyable to you in the same way.

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