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What type of physics do you think would fit best as a career?

Asked by Daniel011 (77points) February 5th, 2013

Particle Physics

Oh and I hold the same level of interest for each of them. I’m having a difficult time deciding, despite my effort put forth in past thinking sessions. Can anybody help?

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Find a mentor in your school (teacher or professor) that has an interest in one or all and have them guide you. It is more important that you are able to bounce your thoughts and theories off someone.

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If you follow your interests you’ll end up majoring in physics as a university undergraduate, which covers the basics common to every field of physics. It’s not until you apply to graduate school – or even a couple of years into it – that you need to choose a specialty or concentrate on one area of physics. It might take advanced study to discover that what interests you now (or not) might or might not interest you later.

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Probably particle physics.

Whatever you do don’t invent a time machine. But if you do, my guess is the first time you turn it on, you’ll get a note through the portal that says “TURN IT OFF”

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Anything related to the scientific basis of even better green technologies.

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