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How bad is the start of your week!

Asked by snapdragon24 (1592points) February 6th, 2013 from iPhone

Im completely fine with positive answers, though I am in a fowl mood and will try to show sympathy!

As a woman, my friends, I cant ever engage in physical intercourse with my partner without getting a massive urinary infection…pattern seems to be every two/three months! So here I am, on a miserable wednsday…cant even get off the toilet seat…will be rushing back to the bathroom in two minutes anyway… Might as well sleep with a pillow on my lap! I just want to die!

On a happier note…your week as shit as mine?

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That sucks! I used to be like that, try to empty your bladder before and after sex. It helped me.

I am off to the dentist soon. (Screams in terror).

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I’ve been feeling pretty awful lately. Random muscles are sore to the touch, I’m exhausted, and my breasts (one more than the other) are so sore I’ve been having to wear a sports bra to sleep every night so they don’t move. Yesterday I also developed a sore throat and a touch of nausea, so things are looking up!

That, on top of the constant fear and anxiety that every symptom I have means I’m dying of cancer, means it’s just another day in paradise.

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@livelaughlove21 I can identify with your last sentence. I suffer with at time debilitating anxiety and I also think those things. Plus phobias. Ugh dentist in a few hours pfft

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@Shippy, removing any teeth? Cause thats me in three weeks! Good luck!

@livelaughlove21, I can relate to that feeling of discomfort. Its just awful. And for the anxieties… Don’t stress before the facts! Thats what Im told :) I hope you feel better.

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Disappointing. A couple people I thought were cool have shown their true colors this week. They are mean, hurtful people. I wish I had noticed earlier before I considered them friends and confided in them.

My week isn’t as bad as yours @snapdragon24. That really sucks. I hope it gets better for you.

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It’s been ok. Money troubles because my roommate hasn’t paid his half of the rent and I’m covering for now, but hopefully the situation will resolve itself very soon without me having to evict him.

@livelaughlove21 If your breasts are sore because you are PMSing right now, the way I’ve found to stop the pain is to cut caffeine intake, or nix it altogether.

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Wait, the start of the week? Isn’t today Woden’s Day, otherwise known as Midweek?
To answer the question, the start of my week is usually pretty dispiriting. Either I’ve dicked around all weekend to recover from a merciless week, and then I feel overwhelmed on Monday, or I’ve worked all weekend to try to keep from drowning, and then I feel overwhelmed on Monday.

And if misery would love some company, my week is pretty shit. I’m already looking forward to it being over. I need to write 30 pages in the next three days. Ya know, just for one assignment, so that I can move on to other work… I’m probably going to have to stay up all night tonight even though I am very diurnal and all nighters are painful. Like banging your head on a brick wall, it feels really good to stop.

Hope you beat that UTI soon. Cranberry juice, extract, or pills helps a lot.

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Hey @bookish1, Actually I was thinking more of the weekend (when my UTI started on Saturday night) towards now basically! I guess it is more of, ‘how is everyone doing this week in general’... and thanks for joining the misery chain! So Mondays basically suck for you?...

@jonsblond, yes people can be highly disappointing. Im not a big fan of people for that very reason. Good you realize you shouldn’t waste time on them.

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@snapdragon24 : Yeah, Mondays are when I feel like I either should have gotten more work done over the weekend, or I should have taken the time to relax, because I’m going to have to hustle all week. There’s no winning in a PhD program :-/

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@snapdragon24 No, yippee! was all OK, all that stressing for nothing :)

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Feeeeuf @Shippy! Good news :)

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