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Does the 21 Century require a new type of learner?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) February 6th, 2013

According to the author of a new book discussed on Big Think it does. I have always felt that people who can think and expand on the knowledge they are taught contribute the most to our world.
Agree or disagree why?
Read about it here.

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“The components of STEM not only build economies, but also build children’s minds and provide an ecology that is needed for their emotional and intellectual development. STEM supports growth in areas like interacting with others and with one’s surroundings, building concepts, forming connections, engaging in communication, and seeking discovery. These are developmental stages that make children whole, empathetic, resilient, creative, and happy adults.”

I completely agree. Memorization can get you past a test, but we have almost no training for real life anymore. Love it!! Especially the emotional care!

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I hope others will agree. Clearly children need to do more than learn how to text. Many young people have very bad communication skills. They prefer Texting to calling or face to face contact.
I have experienced their problems first had.

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