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What are your thoughts on society?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) February 6th, 2013

I firmly believe society has brainwashed individuals into becoming a uniform, monotonous clan. The media’s effects on society’s youth is what has created these trends and topics, and society has spiraled downward as a result, because everyone naturally wants to be a part of a group.

How do you react to that?

I thank you a thousand times.

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I think you wrote a bunch of crap.

And I only need one thank you.

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If you view me as a brainwashed cog in the “uniform monotonous clan,” then I’m not sure you would value my reaction. I don’t believe any part of your multifaceted theory.

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I disagree. I see how each child at my kid’s high school is encouraged to find his or her own passion and to excel, and how each child is taught to honor the other kids. It gives me a great deal of hope that kids are so much more creative and caring than the kids were in my day.

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I don’t know about that. My family has produced some very fine young minds. Two masters degrees, a BS, a doctor, and one still finishing a BS. Out of my generation I was the first to get a BS. Maybe they text too much but they might grow out of that.
@zensky Thank you.

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Agree. Being unique sometimes is seen as a mental health issue rather than what it truly is, which is simply different. You don’t have to have a cell phone attached to your hand or love Justin Bieber or wear Juicy Couture to exist or be happy.

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Everyone wants to be part of the group of people who fancy themselves independent thinkers.

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Its spretty decent when you compare it with past societies (I’m studying the English society in the Tudor era currently… not a happy place you’d want to be living.)

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@MilkyWay I hadn’t thought of comparing it to that far back.GA. And so great to see you!!!

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@Adirondackwannabe Haha, the only reason I did was because I was doing my homework on the subject. And thank you so much, its good to be back :)

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@MilkyWay That’s a good way to use what you’re learning and give it some more references you can recall easier.
@Gifted_With_Languages ^^ Another very sharp young mind.

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Yes it’s true, that is why we all need therapy, or so it appears.

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I recommend you read Fareinhiet 451 by Ray Bradbury. It discusses some of the issues you are bringing up. In essence, society is made up of us. We are a society of people. The people have the control to change their society. If you see a problem with it, differ from it.

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Conform! Or Die!

I demand that you take that back, and conform to everyone on this thread. Now. This second. Subsume yourself. Make yourself the same as everyone.

No, I meant everyone. Not just one person. All of them.

No, not just some of them. All of them.

And don’t tell me you can’t do it. Don’t tell me they are too different. You, yourself, told me at the top that they are all the same.

So conform!

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I think that it is up to the person to decide what is and isn’t “brainwashing”, because sometimes I feel like I am being brainwashed.

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Come to Texas and tell me we are a society of conformist robots!

You will not find a bigger bunch of individualistic misfit individuals anywhere. And, armed, did I mention armed?

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@rojo You’ll be seceding soon, correct?

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Namaste (if only for asking a question that got ppl. riled up.)

@zensky (I’m one to talk but i’ll still call it how I see it {and don’t be an ass!})

Nobody wants to think they are ‘brainwashed’. “Brainwashed” is the new ‘societal pariah’ status.


{And that is unfortunate because “herds” work as a “TEAM”, human beings DO NOT}

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Tout d’abord, mille mercis à vous! ne me dérange pas Zensky!
But why am I thanking you? That is silly. What I really mean to do is welcome you. I have a feeling that you are quite young, n’est ce pas? It does seem that there is a great pressure on the part of society to make people conform to the norm. I myself have always loved eccentricity. Eccentric people are so much more interesting. But I don’t really like anti-social people….as for malcontents…depends. What group do you fall into?

The media is a mixed bag. The quality of the coverage and the objectivity of it depends in large part on the integrity of the reporters and the network itself that is disseminating it. As a viewer you need to try to discern if there is a bias or extreme slant to the news you are getting. We are human and so there is most always a bias, sometimes a substantial one. It behooves you (try that word for your linguistic education) to get your information from varied sources and to check carefully. If you don’t you’ll be part of the “downward spiral” that you so aptly mention. Good information is out there and people need to seek it out and not believe everything they read or hear.

As for wanting to be part of a group? Who doesn’t want that, but hopefully it doesn’t require sacrificing your principles to belong.

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@Earthgirl Nice word ‘drop-age’ and fully agreed.

People are more open than they ever have been.

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@dxs I didn’t say they had balls too.

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Don’t know about all this brainwashing stuff. The media sure has a strong hold on people, image and status…but that can’t be the whole of the answer, because in places where people don’t give a shit about that stuff and just want food and water, they are being raped up the ass by their tyrant leaders who don’t even try to lie to them. Society is a tough mother, but that’s why I’m glad to live where I do now, Winterland.

Thanks bro.

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Society is the most important part of the people’s life because their nature depend on the society. If societies are good then all people are very good. Society makes good their children.

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