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What story is this?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) February 6th, 2013

Please don’t make this about religion, I just need the name of a story, not a lecture.

I have given up. I have no idea what to even search any more in Google. Anyway, I can’t find this story that I read a few years ago about an altar call and a boy. Basically, the boy was in a church at some kind of revival (New Year’s?) and there was an altar call when the pastor invited those who wanted to change their hearts. Basically, the boy went up and the grandmother was extremely happy.

When the boy got home, however, he did not feel like he was changed right away and he was distraught over the whole situation.

I can’t find this story ANYWHERE. I thought it was by Robert Frost or Mark Twain but I already looked in this areas…

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Is it “Black Boy” ? by Richard Wright

Just a guess…

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I guess you’re also remembering that this story is most likely (a) presented as fiction, (b) by a famous author, and (c) pretty old? Those are pertinent details, if true, and could help to locate it.

It would also help if you could recall whether the tone was generally serious, satirical, light-hearted, cynical, reverent, or something else.

I’m sure many people could tell a similar tale. I could myself, even, possibly. But you’ve triggered a dim recollection in me, and it does feel Mark Twainish. Have you by any chance checked Letters from the Earth?

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we now have two guesses, don’t keep us in suspense! @troubleinharlem

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I tried to find the story for you but was unsuccessful. It doesn’t sound like something Twain would write about. My guess was that it might be by James Baldwin.

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Is the story about an African-American boy?

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I found this while searching for what you requested, @troubleinharlem. Wow. Ready or Not

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I’m pretty sure it was Black Boy, thanks, @gambitking!

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