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How should I present my book presentation on Kate Chopin's The Awakening?

Asked by amazingme (1860points) February 6th, 2013

For my American literature class I am doing this presentation, however I am not allowed to use PowerPoint. I am not going into thorough detail of the novella, I am going over: how the novella falls into realism, class and gender relations, a little about Chopin, and how and who inspired her work.
The professor specifies no PowerPoint. However I am allowed to use any other medium. What do you think I should use? I can use Facebook, tumblr, and so on…

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Your media depends on your point and how you want to display your point. Do you have any graphics you need to illustrate your point? I hope so.

Do you plan to display text on a screen and read it? I hope not. The only displays you have should support what you say. You should never read anything to an audience. You must always speak to the audience and tell the story, using any materials you need to illustrate the story.

If you are allowed to use a computer screen or a projector, then it doesn’t matter whether you have powerpoint or a slide projector or whatever. Almost every piece of software can display images on the screen and that is no different from powerpoint.

If if were you, I would use whatever software you know. I would prepare slides as jpegs and then use my slide viewer to project them on the screen. Facebook, Google+, the many picture websites, gmail, and on and on can all display slides and documents and whatever you want on your screen and on the projector.

That part doesn’t matter. What matters is what slides you plan to use. That’s what you need to worry about.

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@amazingme What is the rationale behind forbidding Powerpoint? I would assume that your professor does not want you to do a slideshow of any sort then – is that correct? Or is it just that he or she doesn’t have the software?

If you end up doing a slideshow on Facebook or with pdfs, then you will have subverted the purpose of saying “No Powerpoint”. Is your prof hoping for an interpretive dance?

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Ooh. I like interpretive dance! What an excellent idea, @glacial! GA!

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If you want to use the computer you could try Prezi, Glogster, or even create a video on Animoto. You could create a blog as one of the characters, or if you want to go low tech, a journal. You could create a book talk to “sell” the book to readers or maybe a wiki site (on Google sites) with information on the book, Kate Chopin, reviews, etc.

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Poster board and magic marker.

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