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Do you think people occasionally dream visions of the future or do some dreams just happen to coincide with what happens in real life?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1140points) February 6th, 2013

This is actually something I’ve questioned a lot myself, because I honestly don’t know the answer to it. I’ve had moments of déjà vu where I thought I had been in a situation that I had previously dreamed of, but nevertheless it was just a lapse in memory within my brain that made me think I had experienced the moment prior to then. I don’t know if people can predict the future, but it’s certainly an always viable option.

What would your response be then?

Thank you very much.

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Do you have any brain issues? Seriously, like epilepsy or a major brain trauma at some point in your life? Deja vu often is a symptom, so if it’s reocurring it may be a concern.

If you were able to predict the future you could have your own tv show, it would be really cool. Maybe keep them in a journal and check it occasionally to see your stats.

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There are times I’ve felt I’ve had premonitions, but at the same time you could chalk them up to subconsciously observing something or subconsciously connecting dots. I was once having drinks with coworkers (was with my boss, so not drunk) and started to feel very down and as if something bad was going to happen. I decided to leave and probably thirty seconds after walking out the door, discovered my wallet was gone. I went back to the table and it wasn’t there – no one including the wait staff claimed to have seen it. A few days later the restaurant found it with all the good bits gone. ?

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We can all predict the future. Dependent on how likely or predictable a situation is, we might even get it right.

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I have wondered about this. I don’t disbelieve in premonitions but with all the people in the world and all the events taking place why do we never hear of a prediction coming true?

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@syz (often wondered how you spelled that word)
You know, OP, there is a fine line between Genius and Insanity you should tread warily until you know on which side you stand.
As for the deja-vu, I think certain areas of my brain process faster than others and so while it has seen, comprehended and filed, the other part is still searching to make sense of what has/is happening. It goes looking and finds something that has just been filed and thinks it is making a wonderful, new discovery.
Just my opinion.

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This is a mystery for me too. I wish I could know the real answer.
But so far I just thought of an idea, that time is not linear and we move in some kind of time’s space, so sometimes there are probably some “meeting points”, where we suddenly are again in the situation that shares some of the parameters of another situation we’ve already been through. The brain may react to this with “I know this!” signal :) so we get a feeling of deja-vu.
However, it is not enough to just meet a college in the office again, so I think these crucial “meeting points” must be something in the deeper levels of what we are able to experience and perceive.
Actually, there might be whole level of reality that we could perceive and see or hear, but we are not mind-opened enough. I imagine it could begin with being extremely sensitive to every word said, smell of an air or different sound properties caused just by cloudy/snowy weather in comparison with sounds during a sunny day :) or something like that ..

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The human mind is great at seeing associations. This trait was a huge evolutionary improvement, but it also causes us to sometimes see association where none actually exists. We also take in clues about how the future will unfold, and often these clues let is form a vision that does come true.

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We cannot really foresee future much. Can predict some things, e.g. behavior of people we know well, some quite predictable. Psychologists say we have subconscious perception, maybe see that at dreams. Man tell of dream cousin pull out tongue, have spaghetti at end of it, soon cousin have tonsilitis. Maybe is coincidence, maybe is unconscious perception of throat problems.

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