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Legal title question (UK law)

Asked by jess1224 (4points) February 6th, 2013

Say that A wishes to give to B the legal title to a house. The relevant paperwork is sent to the Land Registry , but before the title is passed, A dies- and in A’s will it is stipulated that all property shall be passed to C. Will B be able to claim any rights under UK law?

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I am not a lawyer or legal professional of any kind.

From my experience in the UK, I would say that you will need to contest the will, and show the paperwork for the land registry and the date it was sent, as evidence to the actual will of A to pass on said property to person B.

Otherwise, all property rights will fall to C. Also note, that you may be subject to 40% inheritance tax if you “inherit” the property by contesting the will.

Sorry I can’t be of more use, I’m no expert, just I have seen a slightly similar case in the past.

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I’m in the US and taking a guess your system is similar to ours and I’m not an attorney. Our system relies on intent, so if you were to prove A’s intent, with the signed deed you might have a case.

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