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Where can I buy a great fly swatter?

Asked by Shippy (9889points) February 6th, 2013


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Right HERE

Edit: oh, I read that as “great big fly swatter”. Oops.

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Marks & Spencers oh sorry that’s for a fly sweater.

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Edit: oh, I read that as “fly sweetener.”

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@TheProfoundPorcupine You really think Marks and Sparks makes fly sweaters?? I’m scared

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@Shippy They probably do if you ask them nicely.

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Do you mean great as in “whopping big” or great as in “does the job well” ?

And in any case, do they not have fly swatters in South Africa??

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I am trying my damnedest to find a pretty fly swatter like the one I have at home. I think I found it at a dollar store, but it’s bright orange and looks almost like a flower, and matches my kitchen decor. Can’t find it on Amazon.

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@bookish1 loll yes we use a piece of sugar cane with a hair net tied on it haha

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I’m sure that PETA will have a large supply of humane ones.

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I’m a fan of the electric fly swatter. It came in handy when we had a nest of fruit flies in our kitchen. (Don’t leave produce in your drawers for a year.) We get them from a friend who orders them online.

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I really do have a fly issue this evening by the way

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In a flat I lived in a few years ago we used fly paper to trap the many little flies that infested the kitchen. We caught lots and kept having to hang new strips of fly paper but the odd thing was however many we caught the number flying about never seemed any less.

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If you meant great as in nifty, here you go.

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