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Is there going to be a fifth season of desperate housewives ?

Asked by iCeskate (451points) June 10th, 2008 from iPhone

best show ever!

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I hope so!

Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anotomy, & American Idol are the only times I know my wife will let me go skate!

Can you suggest another couple of shows she would like?

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She might like Private Practice (second season begins in Fall) . It’s a spin off from Grey’s.

oh and if she likes AI for Simon Cowell, then she will like “House”. If she likes AI for the talent and voting, then she will like “Dancing with the Stars”

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Thanks PnL!

Any others?

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Try Two and a Half Men, Brothers and Sisters, Ugly Betty, Prison Break, Dexter (Showtime), and House. Yes, we do have a life. We TiVo everything and watch it when we are home. Enjoy!!

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dear god, I hope not…..

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my name is earl Is a halieus show

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I’m typing on my iPod touch and I’ve
have been up since 6 this morning I’m just trying to help DON’T CORRECT ME!!! PLEASE!!!

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i can’t help it! i have a spelling OCD. but i will try to refrain from correcting you. it might kill me. j/k.

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@bulb: if she likes AI then she needs to check out So You Think You Can Dance (tomorrow night) from the creator of AI. Definitely House…great show.
And yes, I do believe there will be a 5th season (the creator changing things up again).

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the way the DH season ended definitely makes you think that it wouldn’t come back. they fast forwarded 5 years and everything had changed. My wife reads People magazine and it will usually give its readers a heads up on those types of things.

@bulbatron – another good one is Pushing Daisies. It won’t be back on until the fall season, but it is awesome. there aren’t a whole lot of good shows on this summer, so you might be out of luck. and if she likes American Idol, Nashville Star just started up this past Monday.

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