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Cute way to be asked to a dance?

Asked by tianalovesyou (711points) February 6th, 2013

My friend wants to ask this girl to our high school dance. He wants to know how to ask her? What is a cute way to ask a girl to a dance without being TOO over the top? Thanks!

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Suggest he does this, what girl could possibly resist…err, all of them? :¬)

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Ladies, please help this person out, what would you appreciate?

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Just a simple “Would you like to go to the dance with me?” would do it for me if I liked the guy. Not everything has to be a production number.

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“Hi, I’d like to take you to the dance. Will you go with me?” That’s all it took for me to take a girl to the prom and I barely knew her.

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He could buy her a single rose and a card. In the card he could write that he would like to be her date for the upcoming dance and if she didn’t want to go with him that he would be disappointed, but he will try to understand, and will still think her smile is prettier than any rose.

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I’d buy a chocolate kiss. Maybe one of the new kind, stuffed with something. Tape it to a card asking her to dance. Cute. Not such a big deal.

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I think he should remind her of what happened to Jenny when she refused to dance with him. lol

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal that is very rude

and @tianalovesyou just be yourself go up and ask her/he to dance with you its what i did when i went to prom last year and im going again next week and it works trust me im a 14 year old guy i know how ya feel have a good day and good luck


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